How to Receive the Support You Need For Your Surrogacy Journey

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Surrogacy is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling roles you can ever take on, but it is not without its share of potential challenges.

In order to prepare for the exciting, yet unfamiliar journey ahead, you will need a strong support system to help you work through any challenges as well as celebrate the positive outcomes.  

Garnering the support you need from your loved ones, your surrogacy agency, and your intended parents will help ensure a successful and satisfying journey ahead.

Seek Support from Your Family First

Before you begin the surrogacy process, you should first discuss your desire to carry for another family with your family.

Being upfront about your intentions and seeking support before you start the process is critical to ensuring that everyone is comfortable with the journey ahead.

While incredibly rewarding, surrogacy can have its share of challenges, so you want to make sure that your loved ones will be there to support you through it. Be sure to discuss your plans for the journey as well as your intentions for a relationship with the intended parents after the birth.

Telling your children about your decision can sometimes be more challenging, but there are a number of effective ways to approach the discussion. Just make sure you allow your children plenty of time to understand the process, express their feelings, and fully embrace the idea of surrogacy before you begin.

Work with a Trusted Surrogacy Agency

Once you have enlisted the support of your loved ones, you will want to find a trusted surrogacy agency to work with. There are a number of things to consider when looking for an agency, including legal expertise, agency size, operational procedures, and staff experience.

Above all, you want to ensure you receive the knowledge, guidance, and support you need for the most positive and rewarding experience possible. 

Find IPs Who Share Your Expectations & Goals

Once you start working with a surrogacy agency, you will begin the matching process. Matching with IPs is a critical part of the process, setting the stage for the future of your working relationship.

First and foremost, you will want to make sure that your expectations and goals align with those of your IPs. There are a number of things you should discuss with prospective intended parents when you first meet, including:

  • Your mutual decision to pursue surrogacy
  • Intentions for your working relationship
  • Expectations before, during, and after the birth
  • Personal views on sensitive details, including medical procedures/medications, multiples, and dietary or exercise restrictions
  • Your requirements and expectations 

Establishing where your IPs stand on these issues will help you make the most informed decision about whether you should work together or whether you should continue to search for IPs whose views more closely align with yours.

Keep the Lines of Communication Open

Once you have been successfully matched with your IPs, you will want to ensure that you maintain that open communication throughout the course of your relationship.

Your surrogacy agency will help facilitate this communication by establishing regular times for you to connect with your IPs in order to share any positive outcomes or work through any challenges.

The more that you are able to share and communicate throughout the process, the more specialized support you will receive for the most satisfying surrogacy journey possible. 


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