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Take the journey of a lifetime with an agency that’s with you every step of the way.

At Worldwide Surrogacy Specialists, you’re getting more than an agency—you’re getting a true partner to guide you throughout your journey.
Located in Fairfield, Connecticut, we’re proud to be one of the first and foremost surrogacy agencies in the United States.
We handle every aspect of the surrogacy journey to ensure a seamless experience for all those involved. We offer an in-house attorney, escrow management resources, and access to reputable Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) options. Our exceptional matching process and rigorous surrogate screening procedures ensure that we find the best possible match every time.
We bring experience, expertise, and exceptional one-on-one support to every journey.

Why We’re Considered Peers & Pioneers in the Surrogacy Space

Exceptional Surrogate Support: Meet the Experienced Surrogates on Our Team

Our team is passionate about all things surrogacy—in fact, a few of us have been gestational surrogates ourselves!

Serena Lugo, our Vice President & Director of Surrogate Services, is a two-time gestational surrogate, making her uniquely qualified to provide reliable support and exceptional guidance for our surrogates.

Plus, our Assistant Surrogate Screening Coordinator, Andrea Ambrose, is a three-time gestational surrogate. She completed her first surrogacy journey in 2016 and her latest journey in 2020. Andrea brings a personal, compassionate perspective to the surrogate screening process, supporting the surrogate screening team by procuring, reviewing, and coordinating all required documentation from new surrogate applicants.

Expert Legal Guidance for Intended Parents: The Case of Raftopol v. Ramey

Dedicated to supporting all Intended Parents, our Founder & Legal Director, Victoria T. Ferrara, forged a path for legal parentage in Connecticut through the historic Supreme Court case of Raftopol v. Ramey. This landmark decision ruled that an Intended Parent could assume all rights to a child through a gestational agreement, regardless of the genetic connection to the child born to the surrogate.

Specializing in assisted reproductive technology law for over 25 years, Ferrara additionally serves as the Founder & Managing Director of her own firm, The Ferrara Law Group, where she focuses on assisted reproductive technology and surrogacy law.

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