Compensation & Benefits

We design and develop generous compensation plans for every surrogate based on their unique situation.


Base Compensation Based on Surrogate Experience.

Total compensation and benefits may range from $75k to $100k depending on final contract terms.

Contract Signing Bonus of $1000.00 paid as follows:

  • Payment Upon Signing Gestational Carrier Contract: $500
    Payment Upon Medical Approval Following Medical Screening: $500

Testing/Transfer Trip (if applicable)

  • Food Allowance When Traveling: $75 per person per day

  • Mileage at Federal Reimbursement Rate for Roundtrip Travel

Embryo Transfer Fee & Maternity Clothes

  • Singleton Pregnancy: $750

  • Twin Pregnancy (additional): $250

  • Embryo Transfer: $1,000 per embryo transfer


  • Monthly Allowance: $350 per month


    • Housekeeping: $100 per week

    • Childcare: $350 per week; $100 per 24-hour period of care

    * Limit of approximately $2,500

    Lost Wages

    • Actual Lost Earnings During Periods Specified in Gestational Carrier Contract (if applicable)

    • Spouse’s Actual Lost Earnings (if applicable)

    Surrogate Requirements

    Find out if you qualify to give a family the gift of a lifetime. Explore all of the requirements to become a surrogate.


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