Why Surrogates Choose Worldwide Surrogacy

We go above and beyond for every surrogate every step of the way.

Surrogacy should be one of the most rewarding, fulfilling experiences of your life, and Worldwide Surrogacy Specialists strives to ensure that it is.

With our surrogates, beautiful families are created. Hopeful intended parents look to you with love and gratitude as they desire to have their children—which is why we recognize our surrogates’ incredible compassion and commitment, and why we offer generous compensation plans: because you truly deserve it.

As a surrogate with Worldwide Surrogacy Specialists, you have the unique benefit of working with several experienced former surrogates: Vice President & Director of Surrogate Services Serena Lugo, Surrogate Screening Coordinators, Julie Veilleux and Amanda Zonas, Assistant Surrogate Screening Coordinator Andrea Ambrose, and Surrogate Journey Coordinators,  Casey Oakley, Cara MacLean and the other members of the Worldwide Surrogacy team. They offer unique, firsthand support, advice, insight and guidance throughout your journey.

In addition to working with the experienced surrogates on our team, our dedicated team of social workers and case managers serve as an unwavering support system throughout your journey. You will be protected legally and financially by the Worldwide Surrogacy team.

The Worldwide Surrogacy Difference

Experienced Former Surrogates

With experienced former surrogates on staff, you have access to women who can provide advice, insight, and guidance for you throughout your journey.

Simple, Streamlined Process

We strive to make the surrogacy process as easy as possible. Our simple, 7-step process is designed to ensure that you have all of the information you need for every stage of your journey.

Personal, One-on-One Support

We offer more personal, one-on-one support than any other surrogacy agency. When you work with Worldwide Surrogacy, you truly become a member of our family.

Generous Compensation Plans

We understand that giving a family the gift of a lifetime is priceless, but we firmly believe that surrogates should be properly compensated for their dedication, commitment, and compassion.

Thanks so much for all the assistance. You all are so welcoming and make the process so much more gratifying. I was not expecting this much support or how family-oriented the agency is. It means a lot to my family and I!




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