Interested in growing your family through surrogacy? Finding a surrogate, a qualified surrogate, is crucial. You want a surrogacy agency that knows the surrogacy process for intended parents. You will want guidance on surrogacy costs, and many other frequently asked questions about surrogacy. Here’s everything you need to know about becoming an Intended Parent.

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The Journey That Came Full Circle

Meet the parents, Henrik and Balazs, and their surrogate, Molly. They've taken the journey of a lifetime together to welcome baby Greta into the world.

Our Family Across the Sea

Thomas and Manel have had two sons via surrogacy with the same gestational carrier. See how they created a lifelong bond with their family across the sea.

One Woman's Experience Becoming a Surrogate During COVID-19

Windy's dream has always been to help others realize their dream of creating a family. This is her story of becoming a surrogate during COVID-19.

How a Three-Time Surrogate Created a Modern Family

Here's how Courtney, a three-time surrogate, has created a truly modern family over the years by creating lifelong relationships throughout her journeys.

“It’s Not Mine," A Surrogacy Story

Stephani Pegg is a gestational surrogate with Worldwide Surrogacy Specialists. This is her story, in her words.

“We went to a Men Having Babies webinar, and Vicki presented. She was the only one on the panel that was honest about the expectations/process, and seemed totally authentic. She wasn't just selling us what we wanted to hear. She was real. We knew right away that this was someone we could trust, and this was the agency for us."

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