3 Special Ways to Bond with Your Baby in the First Month

3 Special Ways to Bond with Your Baby in the First Month

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Taking care of a newborn may be a lot of work, but there is absolutely no greater reward. 

The relationship a parent shares with their child is precious and begins the moment the baby is born. Any loving care or attention you give your newborn will help build a bond, but there are a few special ways to solidify a strong lifelong connection that can only be shared between a parent and their child.

Let's take a closer look at the ways parents form a strong bond with their child during infancy:

Skin-to-Skin Contact

There are few things in life greater than holding your baby skin-to-skin. This should be practiced during the infant's earliest weeks. Direct skin contact can soothe your newborn by allowing them to hear your heartbeat, feel your warmth, and create an association with your scent. 

The best times to try skin-to-skin contact include feedings, burping, or whenever you're holding your baby for an extended period. Direct skin contact will ensure a stronger bond between the parent and newborn. Moreover, there is arguably no better cure for stress, anxiety, or frustration than holding your child skin to skin.

Eye Contact

Looking into your baby's eyes with an honest, loving gaze is one of the truest methods when it comes to letting your newborn recognize your presence and how important you will be in their life.

Whether you are enjoying one-on-one time, reading a book, singing a song, or telling your baby about your day, make sure to maintain eye contact. Help your infant create a strong association with your essence by lovingly looking into their eyes. It is also important to mimic your baby's facial expressions to let them know you're paying attention to them and speaking their language.


This may seem like a given, but its importance should not be understated. Genuinely loving your child is possibly the most important way to solidify your bond. When you caretake with love, your feelings will transcend into everything you do, teaching your baby what an amazing presence you are in their life.

When raising your baby, you should try your best to do every task with love. No matter how exhausted, overwhelmed or zombified moms and dads feel, it's important to pause before interacting and remember how precious time is. Whenever you feed your baby, sing or talk to them, and even change their diaper, do so with lots of love to help build a parent/child bond that will last forever.

Exuding and sharing love is so important, and can help parents relax with their baby at the end of a grueling day. Nothing else matters when it's time to read a book to your infant and put them to bed. Whats more, nothing soothes a baby better than the warmth and affection of their parents' love. It's important that your child always feel he/she can turn to you to provide love unconditionally.

There are plenty of routines a parent can start with their newborn to build a connection. However, there is no better way to ensure bonding with your child than skin-to-skin contact, eye contact, and love.

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