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The Journey That Came Full Circle

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· 05/13/2020

There is an inspiring, heartwarming story behind every surrogacy journey—especially Henrik, Balazs, and Molly's.

Back in 2017, Molly was working at a Connecticut fertility clinic when Amsterdam couple Henrik and Balazs walked in the door to explore their family building options. Already a mother of three, Molly was exploring her own family building options—but for others.

"I thought, 'I have a uterus, I'm done with my own babies, and I want to be able to help someone too,'" Molly says.

While Henrik and Balazs continued researching their options, Molly conducted her own research into becoming a surrogate. Eventually, she took the plunge and submitted her surrogacy application with Worldwide Surrogacy Specialists to begin her first journey.

As soon as her application was approved, she started the matching process—and when she received her first match, she was surprised to find that she recognized the Intended Parents. Henrik and Balazs had walked into her life once more.

Unfortunately, there was a conflict of interest: Molly still worked at the fertility clinic where they were creating their embryos.

They were unable to pursue their journey together at that time, but they never forgot each other.

Molly was matched with a couple from Belgium, successfully completing a happy, healthy journey. She delivered their beautiful baby girl in the summer of 2018.

Her experience as a surrogate inspired her to join the Worldwide Surrogacy Specialists team as not only a surrogate, but a full-time employee.

Meanwhile, Henrik and Balazs were struggling. They were devastated to find that despite the average embryo transfer success rate (roughly 40%), they experienced four failed embryo transfers in a row with their surrogate.

The best stories come full circle—and that's precisely what happened when once again, they walked right back into Molly's life.

Henrik and Balazs never forgot Molly. They didn't know that she was no longer working with the fertility clinic, but they figured it wouldn't hurt to reach out to.

On a bright Sunday morning a few days after their last failed embryo transfer, Henrik and Balazs typed up a quick email to Jen McArthur, the Director of Case Management at Worldwide Surrogacy Specialists. They worried that it sounded "weird," Balazs typed, but is there any way she could ask Molly if she would still be interested?

At 3am, Balazs woke up to a notification: Molly had sent him a friend request on Facebook. From their, they joke that they became "Facebook Official" and a lifelong bond was formed.

The trio sat down with us as Molly neared the end of her second trimester to talk about their journey—and again three months later, when Henrik and Balazs's daughter, Greta, was welcomed into the world.

Meet Henrik, Balazs & Molly: The Pre-Birth Video

Meet Baby Greta: The Post-Birth Video

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