How WSS Screens Surrogates

How WSS Screens Surrogates

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At Worldwide, we believe that every successful surrogacy journey starts with the right match. In order to facilitate the best possible matches between intended parents and surrogates, we must first get to know our potential surrogates through a comprehensive screening process. This thorough screening process provides valuable insight into a potential surrogate's background so that we may determine her qualifications and learn if she is a viable candidate for surrogacy.

Pre-Screen Register

The first stage of the surrogate screening process is the pre-screen register, which will consist of some basic questions regarding background information. The purpose of this brief pre-screen application is to either pre-qualify or disqualify candidates as potential surrogates.

After filling this out, potential surrogates will submit it to learn if they qualify to move on to the full surrogacy application.

Surrogacy Application

If a surrogate candidate successfully passes the pre-screen register, they will then move on to the full surrogacy application. This application is a more thorough examination of a potential surrogate's qualifications, and consists of approximately fifty questions about their background, pregnancy history, obstetrical/gynecological history, and spousal information.

Once completed, this application will be submitted for review by the WSS staff.

Review of Submitted Documentation

If and when a surrogacy application is approved by the team, prospective surrogates will next need to submit documentation for review, including:

  • Recent photos of themselves
  • A photo of their home
  • Insurance cards
  • A valid driver's license

This documentation will help familiarize us with a potential surrogate's home life so that we can ensure the stability of her environment.

Psychological Evaluation & Background Check

After successful submission and review of all documentation, Worldwide will conduct a psychological evaluation of the surrogate candidate. This evaluation consists of a PAI personality test to ensure that the surrogate is prepared to handle the pregnancy.

In addition, she and her spouse/live-in partner (if applicable) will undergo a background check to ensure that they have no prior convictions that could negatively impact the surrogacy process.

Medical Approval

If a potential surrogate successfully passes the psychological evaluation and background check, they will then need to submit their medical history and pregnancy medical records for review by a reproductive endocrinologist.

Worldwide provides surrogates with a comprehensive list of everything they will be expected to provide, as well as release forms to fill out so that we may obtain these medical records.

Potential surrogates should be aware that Worldwide will need to obtain the records from each doctor and hospital they have visited in order to secure the necessary approvals from the IVF clinic in the upcoming stages.

Matching Process

After medical approval is obtained, Worldwide will propose a match based on the criteria the surrogate and the intended parents provide. At that point, a phone call will be arranged for the surrogate to connect with the proposed intended parents.

If both parties would like to continue working together after the call, they will move on to the contract phase of the process.

Contract Phase

After intended parents and surrogates are successfully matched, a surrogacy contract will be drafted in order to protect the rights of both parties throughout the process.

Once this contract is signed by both parties, the surrogacy journey can officially begin, bringing IPs one step closer to building the family of their dreams!


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