How Surrogates & IPs Stay Connected After Birth

How Surrogates & IPs Stay Connected After Birth

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The key to a successful relationship between surrogates and intended parents is open communication. From the onset of the relationship, both parties should remain communicative and openly share their expectations for the journey ahead.

While it's essential for surrogates and IPs to be on the same page throughout the process, it is just as important to establish expectations for communication after the surrogacy as well. Fortunately, there are a number of ways that both parties can remain connected once the journey has come to an end.

The Journey Home

After the delivery, intended parents will finally experience the joy of taking their child home for the first time. Although this is an incredibly exciting time, it can also be exhausting, as the new parents must adjust to a variety of things, including changing sleep schedules, less free time, and a whole new set of responsibilities. With everything going on at once, finding the time to communicate becomes especially difficult.

However, it is considerate for IPs to reach out to their surrogate once they are settled in to let her know that the baby made it home safely and that he or she is doing well.  

This is also a great opportunity for IPs to check in with their surrogate about how she is feeling, as well as to express their gratitude for all she has done. Not only will this gesture make her feel appreciated, it will also put her mind at ease to know that the baby she carried is happy and healthy.

Send Pictures

A great way for intended parents to share the joy of their new child's development is by sending pictures to their surrogate. Babies are constantly changing, growing, and learning new things, so there is no shortage of moments to share. Milestone events are particularly great to capture on film, such as the baby's first birthday, first big holiday, or his or her first time walking.

Short videos are also great for capturing these developmental milestones, and there is nothing more rewarding for a surrogate to see.

Check-in Calls

Another great way for surrogates and intended parents to stay connected is through check-in calls. These calls are the perfect time for IPs to give their surrogate a brief update on the baby's development, and for surrogates to communicate how they have been doing after the birth.

While it's not always easy to coordinate a time to speak with everyone's busy schedules, if both parties are committed to keeping in touch, they can absolutely make it work. Scheduling calls in advance based on everyone's availability can be really helpful. 

Arrange a Visit

Once IPs have adjusted to their new schedules and to the newfound responsibilities of parenthood, they may consider inviting their surrogate over for a brief visit, depending on where she lives.

Short visits can go a long way in making a surrogate feel included, and even provide a sense of relief or closure. Perhaps the surrogate would appreciate the chance to hold the baby for a bit, help with a feeding, or even just see how he or she is progressing. These visits can be just as valuable for IPs, providing them with a brief break to focus on self-care.

The more both parties can remain communicative and empathize with the feelings of the other, the easier it will be for them each to move forward as they embark on a new chapter in their lives.

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