4 Great Gift Ideas to Consider Giving Your Surrogate

Victoria Ferrara


While the ultimate gift for intended parents is a healthy baby, it's important to recognize your surrogate during her journey. As exciting as the end goal may be, surrogacy can be both emotionally and physically taxing. Below are a few ideas to show your surrogate how grateful you are for all that she does.

Pamper Her

Pregnancy does not come without its fair share of aches and pains. From morning sickness and headaches to swollen feet and back pain, it can be a rough road at times. Indulge your surrogate by giving her the gift of pampering. It can be as simple as a spa-themed gift basket including bubble bath, slippers and soothing hand creams. Intended parents can also wait until after their surrogate delivers the baby so she can enjoy a relaxing day to herself. Whether it's a nail salon gift certificate, spa treatment or free blowout, your surrogate will really appreciate the gesture.

Surprise Her

During your surrogate's journey, it is a nice idea to surprise her with small gifts. Send fresh flowers to her home or a nice snack basket for all those late-night cravings. If you know of what her particular interests are, you can find specialized gift baskets with any type of theme �?? or make one yourself! It doesn't have to be over-the-top; just something to brighten her day. Or you can surprise her with a free movie or dinner (or both!). Hire a sitter if she has kids, and treat your surrogate to a fun night out.

Include Her

Depending on the relationship between you and your surrogate, the greatest gift could simply be to include her in milestones after the baby is born. Sending photos, cards, or even a small scrapbook is a nice way for intended parents to show their continued thankfulness for the gift they've been given by their surrogate. Some even choose to have joint family vacations or get-togethers down the road. Just because the baby is born doesn't mean the journey has to end. For some, it is just the beginning of a long-lasting relationship.

Don't Forget Her Family

It's important to remember the others who are affected by your surrogate's journey. It isn't just the surrogate who gives up a lot, but it is the whole family. It can be as easy as sending birthday cards to her children or sending a note to thank them for letting their mom help you have a baby of your own. This really shows that the intended parents care about their surrogate and the people she loves.

Though not a requirement, kind gestures and small tokens from intended parents along the way can make a surrogate's journey a bit easier. As every surrogacy relationship is unique, the nature of appropriate and memorable gifts will differ for everyone. Keeping your surrogate relaxed, comfortable and happy will help immensely during her pregnancy, and gifts can help to spread positive energy and goodwill.

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