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When a member of the LGBT community decides they want to have a child, there are many options to make their dreams come true. While any choice that results in parenthood is wonderful, the outcome of gestational surrogacy is unparalleled. It's worth it for any LGBT couple or individual beginning to explore the paths to parenthood to contact a surrogacy agency. Get the facts about surrogacy and what it might mean for you.

Why Gestational Surrogacy?
There is no denying that when a biological connection to the child is an option, it is exceptionally special. Whether the child shares your genetic code or that of your partner/spouse, linking the already enchanting bond between parent and child with a biological relationship is an outstanding and powerful choice. Surrogacy is one parenting option for an LGBT parent to share a genetic relationship with the child. 

When a gay couple or gay man opts for gestational surrogacy, they can use their own sperm. It will be necessary for a couple to decide whose sperm will fertilize the embryos. Some couples may choose to have more than one child and alternate which father's sperm will be used. Another option is to use both fathers' sperm to fertilize different eggs. Twins have been born with each father being the biological parent to one of the children. Gay couples should discuss the importance of being the sperm donor at the beginning of their journey to find the best way to meet each other's needs.

If an LGBT intended parent or couple chooses not to contribute their own eggs or sperm, or are unable due to reproductive challenges, surrogacy can accommodate their needs. Egg donors and/or sperm donors are available to be used during IVF. Even when the intended parent does not share a biological relationship with the child, there is no comparison to the bond established and memories made during each step of the surrogacy process.

Cost of Surrogacy
An important detail to consider about surrogacy is the cost. Some amounts may fluctuate due to services used or excluded, but expect an average price range of $100,000 to $130,000. If this amount seems beyond your financial means, do not lose hope. Grants or financial assistance may be available to absorb or reduce some of the costs. One site to inquire about financial assistance for gestational surrogacy for gay men is You can also ask the surrogacy agency if they know of any other programs that assist with some of the expenses.

Considerations For The Surrogacy Journey
Surrogacy is a journey to parenthood with different steps along the way. Finding the right surrogacy agency will help match the LGBT intended parents with the best surrogate. The agency will provide optimal advice and support throughout the entire experience. Surrogacy takes time. While each case is individualized, the process can last between 16 to18 months from start to finish. Always do your own research. Ask the surrogacy agency for testimonials and/or referrals that can demonstrate exactly why gestational surrogacy is worth the wait. 

While the price of surrogacy in terms of time and resources is significant, it is worthwhile when the outcome is your child.

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The Surrogacy Dictionary

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