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The decision to grow your family is an exciting one. Gestational surrogacy makes that decision possible for families who are unable to have children on their own. If you're thinking of becoming a parent through surrogacy, you should allow yourself to enjoy the excitement of what's to come. However, it will be important to do the work to find the right surrogacy agency. Doing your research will allow you to make the best informed decision regarding which surrogacy agency is right for you. Here are four key questions to ask when doing your search.

1. How Long Has the Surrogacy Agency Been in Business?

You, as intended parents, will want to work with a reputable, experienced surrogacy agency. Remember, this is a business partnership. You want to work with a distinguished agency with an experienced attorney adept at surrogacy law. Questions including: how long has the agency been in operation, how many clients have they helped, and how many babies have been born through their program will allow you to identify if the agency is worth exploring.

2. What Are the Total Costs?

It is important to ask the agency for a detailed estimate of the costs associated with the surrogacy process. An experienced company will help intended parents understand the expenses. Costs can include: monetary compensation to the surrogate, agency fees, legal fees and medical expenses. Discuss with the agency any fee payment structures. Find out if the costs are due in one lump sum, payable monthly, or if payments can be made throughout the gestational surrogate's pregnancy. In addition, you will want to know if the fees change in the event that the surrogate has multiple babies.

3. What is the Screening Process for Surrogates?

Typically once a potential surrogate submits an application of interest she will undergo a thorough screening process. A good agency may begin with an initial screening. Once she passes certain requirements, a criminal background check will be performed, as well as an in-person (or Facetime when necessary) in-depth interview. This will allow the agency to discuss the entire process with the potential surrogate, including the impact on her and her family, and details of experiences from other former surrogates. A psychological screening test will also be administered. All of the information obtained from the screenings help the agency determine if the candidate would qualify to become a good surrogate.

4. What Services Does the Agency Provide?

When researching an agency for your surrogacy journey it is important to ask what services are provided. Find out if they offer case management or counseling for all parties involved. Discuss the contract writing process ahead of time. Be sure to ask all questions you may have about any step of the process. A good agency will control and manage the money and serve as a mediator if a problem arises.

Ask the Important Questions

A referral to a surrogacy agency from someone you know is obviously favorable but not always an option. It is up to you as the intended parents to do your own research. Take the time to ask these questions as well as any others that come to mind. Once your questions have been answered and you fully understand each step of the surrogacy process you can prepare to enjoy the exciting journey that lies ahead.

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