Gestational Surrogacy: An Option For International Intended Parents

Gestational Surrogacy: An Option For International Intended Parents

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Contending with the heartache and emotional struggles of reproductive challenges may steer couples towards gestational surrogacy to help grow their family. Unfortunately, not all countries value the gift surrogacy offers to those who want a child but cannot conceive on their own. Be that as it may, there are countries where surrogacy is a legal and viable option. People from a country that does not allow or protect surrogacy can seek assistance abroad to make their parenting dreams a reality.

Why Choose the U.S.?
Many factors contribute to the appeal of the United States for international couples. While a handful of countries offer legal surrogacy for intended parents, they do not all have the same laws or legal safeguards for the involved parties. Currently, the United States offers some of the best legal protection for intended parents and surrogates both during the pregnancy and once the child is born. Also, the U.S. does not discriminate against same sex couples who choose surrogacy to grow their family. For LGBT international intended parents, America offers a safe and legal option to have a child through gestational surrogacy.

An experienced, successful U.S. surrogacy attorney will draft careful, comprehensive legal contracts that ensure the protection, in detail, for all involved parties. An accomplished, capable American surrogacy agency will conduct superlative screening of surrogate mothers to improve matches with intended parents. Also, the most beneficial advances in assistive reproductive technology, including embryo vitrification and PGD testing, are provided in United States' IVF clinics. 

Planning Where to Go in the U.S.
Once the decision has been made to work with a surrogacy agency in the U.S., the intended parents, along with the help of their agency, need to examine which state's surrogacy laws will best protect and meet the interests of all parties involved. Surrogacy laws vary from state to state in the United States. Connecticut is currently one of eight American states with the best surrogacy laws and protections. A reputable agency in one of these eight states, such as Worldwide Surrogacy Specialists LLC, will guide international intended parents through all of the legalities to ensure everything is addressed, covered and protected to the best extent possible. A good website to reference regarding U.S. state surrogacy laws is:

How Often to Visit the U.S.?
A minimum of two visits to the United States is required for international intended parents throughout the gestational surrogacy process. Their attendance is required for the IVF fertilization and at the birth. It is recommended that they be present at the embryo transfer and 20-week ultrasound, but these visits are not essential. Of course, if people have the resources and time available, they can visit the U.S. and participate in as much of the process as they desire. Be sure to coordinate your visits with the surrogacy agency to schedule any meetings or hearings where the intended parents attendance is mandatory.

Heading Home with Your New Child
The surrogacy agency in the United States will help prepare you and provide you with the relevant resources for your return home with your child. International parents will need to check with their native country to learn what documentation, if any, will be required before they travel back home. Despite any necessary formalities, within just a short period of time the new parents will be on their way home with their newborn child in their arms.

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