Is Surrogacy Right for Me?

Why Become a Surrogate?

Surrogacy is an amazing process, and as a surrogate, you will be making the dreams of another couple/person come true. It is truly an incredible feeling seeing them go from longing to having a family for such a long time, to holding their child(ren) in their arms. 

There really is no greater gift to give someone. This experience is something you will remember and be proud of forever.

Women who decide to become surrogates often say they love being pregnant and experiencing the miracle of birth, but they are finished having their own children. They also genuinely want to help someone have a child.

Some women become a surrogate because a friend or family member has asked them or they have watched someone struggle with infertility. However, there should be no pressure to agree to a surrogacy arrangement.

As a surrogate, you can receive from $35,000 to $55,000 in base compensation, based on Gestational Carrier’s insurance, experience, and requests.

Who Will You Help?

Surrogacy can help a couple have a child who cannot otherwise carry a pregnancy or give birth.

We believe that there is no greater gift than the gift of family, and we have dedicated our lives to working with gay and straight couples and individuals across the globe to fulfill their dreams of building a family through surrogacy.

How Can I Qualify as a Surrogate Candidate?

Our initial requirements to become a gestational surrogate are the following:

  • Be between 21-40 years of age
  • Live in a surrogate-friendly state
  • Do not reside in the following states: LA, MI, NE
  • Has delivered at least one child
  • Has a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 33 or less
  • No more than three (3) Cesarean Sections
  • Must be a U.S. citizen
  • Is a non-smoker
  • Is a non-drug user
  • Not currently on any anti-depressant/anti-anxiety medication

To see if you qualify to become a surrogate, take our brief Surrogate Prescreen: 

Surrogacy Prescreen—See If You Qualify


Why Should Surrogates Work with an Agency?

For all parties’ best interests, using a reputable agency and experienced lawyers—one lawyer for the Intended Parent(s) and one for the surrogate—is the best course of action.

Most surrogacy agencies ensure that all necessary parties undergo psychological screening, and in some cases, will assist in the development of pre-birth and post-birth orders. In addition, surrogacy agencies with in-house legal expertise may draw up applicable legal contracts and coordinate financial obligations. 

At Worldwide Surrogacy, we offer compassionate, personal care to all IPs regardless of race, gender or sexual orientation. While there are several factors that guide intended parents to choose our agency, these five reasons are helpful considerations.

Serena’s Story

In 2002 and 2006, I was matched with two sets of amazing intended parents who didn’t live near me. They now have beautiful families that I get to watch grow up through updates, pictures, and even in-person. I also tried to carry for both gay couples and international couples in between my two journeys, but sadly those transfers did not work. However, I still keep in touch with them to this day. Over the course of my journeys, I developed a real passion for all things surrogacy.


I will never forget such special moments as being able to tell my intended parents they were pregnant and hearing their screams of excitement. Or watching them hold their child while in the hospital and seeing them interact. We are not just creating parents—we are creating grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. Maybe one day, this child could be President, or perhaps the doctor who cures cancer. We are helping to create legacies.

Though I went independent for both my journeys, I was incredibly lucky to not have had many issues arise. I have seen carriers go through many devastating issues without the support of an agency to help them resolve it, whether financial or otherwise. If I were to ever carry again, I would never take the risk, but would let an agency take care of everything.

It is very important to ask a lot of questions throughout the surrogacy process. Of course, you’ll do plenty of independent research to make sure you understand exactly what the process is, but surrogacy agencies are especially qualified to clear up any questions you may have throughout the process with compassion, understanding, and proven expertise. As a member of the Worldwide team, I can say that we are more than happy to answer any questions you have or go over the full process with you to help you feel more comfortable.