Your Surrogate is Having Twins: How to Prepare for Two at a Time

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Hearing that your surrogate is finally pregnant is a moment when all your efforts, time, and planning to grow a family unite into the ultimate payoff. Learning that your surrogate is carrying twins makes the announcement twice as amazing.

Organize Like You Have Never Organized Before

Experienced parents of twins stress the importance of planning in advance. Once the babies arrive, you will be consumed by love and joy, but you will also be very busy!

Ask for help in advance. Create a schedule with family members or friends who have offered to help. Ease your own mind by assigning people to do shopping or cooking on set days so you will know when help is on its way.

Do your best to purchase, wash, and organize all clothing, gadgets, and furniture. You will appreciate all your organizational efforts once the babies arrive.  

See Beyond Double Vision

The prospect of buying doubles can be overwhelming. Keep in mind that just because you are having twins, does not mean you will need two of everything right away.

However, each child will need their own car seat, and a stroller will also be necessary. Strollers come in a variety of designs that cater to parents' differing needs.  

Also think about the twins' sleep space. Some parents opt to set their babies in a crib day one, while others choose a bassinet or co-sleeper for the first few months. In either case, sometimes twins share a bed at first. Remember that babies do not move much and your twins shared a womb, so there is comfort in them being next to each other.

Clothes can also be shared early on. Buy a dozen onesies (aim for zippers and hand protectors whenever possible), some infant tee shirts that button on the side, and a couple of hats, and share all items between the two.

Hand Me Downs

When close friends or family members you trust are willing to share or give you barely used baby items, take them! Even if money is not an issue, all the "necessary" baby items will only be necessary for a very short-period of time. Items to graciously accept from someone you know include: diaper genie, play yards, swings, bouncy chairs, toys, carriers, etc.

Buy in Bulk When You Know What Works

Both cloth and disposable diapers are expensive, and twins are likely to need approximately 150 diapers each week. Thankfully, some cloth diaper delivery companies offer discounts for twins. Online sites also offer better deals on disposable diapers when bought in bulk.

However, do not buy diapers in bulk before the birth. Some children quickly grow out of infant diapers and others have allergic reactions to certain brands. Stock up at the hospital and wait until you know what diapers work for your babies before any large purchases. Formula (when used) is also an item that can be purchased in bulk once you have learned which one(s) you need.

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