Why You Should Come to the East Coast for Surrogacy

Why You Should Come to the East Coast for Surrogacy

Victoria Ferrara


This weekend, Worldwide Surrogacy will be a premier sponsor at the Men Having Babies Surrogacy Conference in San Francisco. We want to bring the Worldwide message about our successful East Coast surrogacy agency to the West Coast and tell you why you should come east for one of the most successful surrogacy teams in the United States for your surrogacy journey. The affordability, speed of finding your surrogate and the team: These are the reasons to focus your choice of a surrogacy agency on Worldwide Surrogacy Specialists, LLC.

The Worldwide Surrogacy message is simple and clear: keep fees down to make the surrogacy journey more affordable for intended parents. Recruit and screen gestational surrogates quickly and efficiently in order to make surrogacy matches within very reasonable timeframes.

Worldwide is fortunate to have a former surrogate, Serena Lugo, as its Vice President in charge of surrogates. How much better can it get in recruiting surrogates than to have a wonderful former surrogate provide understanding and the knowledge of experience to surrogate applicants? Also, Attorney Vicki Ferrara, who leads the team, will assist you with the myriad of issues you will face: what to look for in a surrogate, ensuring that your legal parentage will be established through proper legal procedures by competent lawyers, understanding your gestational surrogacy contract, obtaining your birth certificate. Vicki and the team will make sure that all of the procedures go smoothly with the oversight of trained professionals.

It is important to consider carefully whom you will choose as your professional team as you plan your surrogacy journey. Gather information and settle on a team with professional performance, integrity, and experience �?? the team that has your best interests at heart.


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