Why Do Women Become Surrogates?

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Intended parents often ask why women become surrogates. California mom, Marcie Goldfarb, was recently interviewed for the Daily Mail. Here is what she had to say about why she decided to become a surrogate:

 "I always said I wouldn't mind being pregnant again. I just didn't want to take the baby home after I'd had two kids already. We just knew we couldn't have more kids, as California is expensive, and I wouldn't have the patience for three children. I had a lot of friends having a hard time getting pregnant and I never struggled, so I just thought it would be great to help somebody. When an opportunity came along I was really excited."

At Worldwide Surrogacy, as we recruit and screen the many women we match with our intended parents, we hear very similar responses to Marcie's. Most women who become surrogates have had some connection to infertility suffered by their friends or family. Alongside that, they have also had an easy time of having their own children. They enjoy being pregnant and they value their children and family life. This makes these women want to help intended parents to realize their dream of having children.

Another question intended parents ask is if the surrogate will want to keep the baby. Here is what Marcie said:

"It was not hard for me to give the baby up, I knew she wasn't mine... Watching her dads with her was amazing. They're going to have her call me Auntie Marcie. Through the pregnancy, I became really close friends with the fathers. Now they send me pictures of their baby, Alexandria, all the time and we talk pretty much every day."

Again, across the board, this is what we hear surrogates say. They understand and actually feel that they are not carrying their own baby. They know they are doing this for the intended parents and that they are creating a family, but not their own. surrogates have their own children already. Understanding what it is like to have children and families, they want to share this with others who must turn to gestational surrogacy to have their children.

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What Is Surrogacy?

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