When Surrogates are Matched With International Intended Parents

Victoria Ferrara


While Worldwide Surrogacy only works with surrogates that live in the United States, our intended parents (IPs) are located all over the world. Before committing, it's good to consider where the intended parents reside. When a potential surrogate fills out the surrogacy application, she will notify WSS of her preferences in terms of whom she would like to work with, whether it is with international or domestic intended parent(s). We will then match a surrogate based on her preferences
with either an international or domestic IP.

Keeping In Touch
Worldwide Surrogacy works with a wide variety of intended parents; these include single men/women, heterosexual couples, gay couples, etc. Many of our IPs come from all over the world, including China, Israel, Germany, UK, France, Spain, Denmark, and Italy, in addition to many other countries. Women commonly ask how their relationship with their IPs will evolve given the distance between them. We assure all of our surrogates that their IPs speak English very well, and that miscommunication should not be a concern. In addition, some women wonder how they will get to know and interact with their intended parents throughout the match. In our experience, many of our surrogate's and international intended parents video chat, text or email regularly with updates on how they are doing or questions they may have. International IPs may also fly to the U.S. for ultrasound appointments and/or for the embryo transfer. However, in some cases, if the IPs are unable to travel to their clinic for the embryo transfer, the surrogate can either Skype or Facetime them so they are able to witness this important milestone of the journey.  

Travel Concerns
Similarly, another question our surrogates commonly ask when matching with international IPs, is if they will be required to travel outside of the United States. We assure them that they will never need to travel out of the country in order to fulfill their obligations. The intended parent's fertility clinic is located within the U.S., so the surrogate would only be required to travel to the clinic for the testing appointment and embryo transfer. For the birth, the intended parents will travel to the United States where the surrogate will give birth at a hospital near her home.

Overall, the relationship between international IPs and their surrogate is no different than that of a woman who is matched with IPs who live in the U.S. Regardless of location, all parents have one thing in common - their desire to start a family and their ability to cherish the surrogate who grants them that special gift.

What to Expect During the Contract Phase

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What to Expect During the Contract Phase

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