What Surrogates Can Expect During Prenatal Doctor Appointments

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Successfully becoming pregnant as a surrogate often takes a lot of dedication and patience?and a lot of doctor appointments. Once you become pregnant as a surrogate, you will need to begin prenatal check-ups with your obstetrician (OB).

While you have already experienced the rounds of prenatal doctor appointments with your own pregnancies, the following is a general review of prenatal doctor appointments and what surrogates can expect during them.

Initial Visit

The first prenatal doctor appointment tends to be one of the longest. During the initial visit with the OB, you can expect: a urine test, blood work, and a pap smear. This visit will also serve as the perfect time to discuss any concerns or ask any questions that may be on the your mind regarding your personal health or the pregnancy.

Sometimes the initial ultrasound occurs during this visit. This ultrasound allows the technician to search for baby's heartbeat and conduct measurements. This appointment is an exciting time, as it usually results in the earliest ultrasound pictures. If the IPs are unable to attend the visit, you may have something very exciting to show them via email or text message! 

Monthly Visits

During the first six or seven months of pregnancy, you will need to schedule monthly appointments with your OB. During these appointments, you can expect to give a urine sample, get your weight measured, and have your blood pressure checked. Your belly may be measured to track the baby's growth and you may be monitored for symptoms of preeclampsia, i.e., swollen feet and/or hands. At these visits, the OB will also check baby's heartbeat. Additional bloodwork may be needed but it likely will not be required every month. 

Bi-Weekly Visits

Near the end of the second trimester, your OB will expect to see you once every two weeks. This usually occurs around week 28 and lasts until week 36 of your pregnancy. Vitals will be monitored, weight gain will be tracked, and the doctor will continue to check for swelling in the hands and feet.

Weekly Visits

By week 36, you'll be in the final stretch of your surrogacy journey. Around this time, the OB will require you to schedule weekly appointments. As in earlier appointments, expect to have your weight and blood pressure checked each week.

During these visits, the OB will continue to monitor baby's heartbeat and the growth of the baby bump. The obstetrician will also feel your abdomen to determine baby's position for delivery.


Some of the most exciting prenatal visits are the ultrasounds. It is common for ultrasounds to be scheduled at the beginning of the pregnancy and one during each trimester. However, some OB's may require additional ultrasounds for a variety of reasons.

While additional ultrasounds can be stressful if they are scheduled to explore concerns, you should embrace the experience. Every ultrasound will allow you to see and hear just why you've committed to this journey. Your selfless act and commitment is about to give the greatest gift in life.

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