What Kind of Screening is Done When Looking for a Gestational Carrier?

What Kind of Screening is Done When Looking for a Gestational Carrier?

Victoria Ferrara


If you make the decision to choose a Gestational Carrier who you do not personally know, there are various ways to locate a suitable candidate. You can attempt to find a Gestational Carrier yourselves by going onto online forums, or placing ads online or in print media. You can also use the services of a surrogacy agency. Either way, it is crucial to follow a screening protocol in order to make sure that the Gestational Carrier will be medically and psychologically sound.

Many factors should go into screening a possible Gestational Carrier, including:

  • Review and approval of medical records, including those of previous pregnancies
  • Background check
  • Psychological evaluation
  • Interview with a social worker to ascertain facts about the candidate's lifestyles, habits, and home life

No matter how the Gestational Carrier is found, it is crucial that the screening is done thoroughly and carefully because you will need to have the most trust and confidence possible as you go through the surrogacy journey. This being said, a surrogacy agency can make the screening process a much smoother one. Surrounding yourself with a team of professionals who understand the relationships that develop between all the parties involved, who are familiar with legal issues and procedures, and most importantly, who make sure that a careful screening protocol is followed is crucial to the plan to have a child through surrogacy.

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