What Does A Surrogacy Matching Agency Do and How Do I Choose?

What Does A Surrogacy Matching Agency Do and How Do I Choose?

Victoria Ferrara


If you are going to work with a matching agency, look for one that will be there for you throughout the entire process, from finding the surrogate to the birth. An agency should not only help locate your surrogate, but should also coordinate medical appointments, facilitate communication, organize travel plans, assist with escrow and money matters, and most importantly, plan and coordinate legal proceedings. If the gestational carrier is located in a different state from where the agency is located, the agency should be able to refer you to competent attorneys in the state where the gestational carrier resides. As a result, the legal issues in the birthplace will be addressed. 

Many factors go into choosing a matching agency that is best for you. Two important things to consider are the cost and involvement of the agency. Depending on the agency, the fee structures will differ. In most cases, the fees will consist of agency fees, which is what the agency charges for the work that it does, and screening fees. Furthermore, the fee structure may also include compensation for the gestational carrier. Usually, this depends on experience and ranges from $20,000 to $30,000. Other possible fees to consider include legal fees, insurance fees, and possible travel expenses.

In addition to the cost of the agency, it is also important to consider the involvement of the agency. They should be there for you throughout the entire surrogacy journey and should appoint representatives that will work directly with you. In an ideal situation, the agency will appoint a team that will positively impact the surrogacy experience for everyone involved. The team should include, but is not limited to, a case manager, attorney, main contact person, and an escrow representative. Further, the agency team should be able to link up with the clinical team at the fertility center so there is coordination between the two. The agency should know when the medical testing and protocol is to begin and should assist with travel arrangements, appointments, questions, logistics, and communication issues.

Surrogacy is not without risks but those risks can be minimized with the help of the right matching agency. Be sure to talk with surrogacy agency experts before taking on this journey to ensure an exciting and joyful experience in building your family.

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