Upcoming Webinar: Becoming A Parent Through Surrogacy

Victoria Ferrara


On Monday, June 22, at 12:00 noon eastern time, Worldwide Surrogacy will present a webinar for those considering starting a family through surrogacy.  Register now and tune in to meet and hear from Worldwide Surrogacy's founder and legal director Attorney Victoria Ferrara.

You will learn how you can have your children through surrogacy and the details that you will encounter during your surrogacy journey.  How surrogacy is safe and legal in the United States. In fact, the United States is the most sought after destination for gestational surrogacy because of the ethical and legally safe atmosphere for gestational surrogacy as it's practiced here.

You will hear about the surrogacy process, what to expect during the matching phase, the contract phase, the medical phase and your pregnancy.

Attorney Ferrara will describe what it will be like to be matched with your surrogate; getting to know her and building a team-like relationship her and with your professional team, including the IVF clinic and your surrogacy agency. 

There will also be discussion about fees and expenses. How you can make your surrogacy journey more affordable. What about insurance and insurance options? 

This presentation will also include an in-depth description of surrogate recruiting. Who are the surrogates? What kind of women are they? What U.S. states do they come from? Also, the screening that is done to make sure the gestational surrogates are sound and stable, and that they are leading a healthy lifestyle.

In addition, there will be a clear and thorough description of the gestational surrogacy contract. This will include examples of contract provisions that will protect intended parents in terms of liability and confidentiality.

Don't miss this opportunity to hear details on how surrogacy can help you fulfill your dreams of having children.

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