Travels to Tel Aviv

Victoria Ferrara


Worldwide Surrogacy was in Tel Aviv earlier this month for the Men Having Babies International Surrogacy Conference. I was glad to meet many intended parents and inform them about our successful surrogacy matching program. The event was well attended and not only did we meet people from Israel, but also people from Italy, France and South America.

It was great to be among the various experienced physicians such as those from CT Fertility, Fertility Center Las Vegas and Oregon Reproductive Medicine. I was also happy to meet up with the lawyers from Tel Aviv, Michal Eden and Ira Hadar and Victoria Gelfand. I always enjoy seeing Irit Rosenblum but we missed each other this year.  And Dr. Gad Lavy of New England Fertility had a successful event at The Alexander Hotel. It was a pleasure to participate and present the Worldwide Surrogacy program to his guests.

Tel Aviv is a warm and inviting place and it is this way because of the people. They are welcoming and offer friendship and connection that make you feel at home and want to stay, and when you leave, want to come back.  Most of all, I want to thank Yaron (pictured here with me) and Aytan for being the perfect hosts, taking me to some incredibly interesting restaurants including Dallal and the vegan restaurant Nanuchka. We went there on Valentine's Day with Aytan's Auntie Marilyn who was really fun to be with.

Thank you also to Deror who took me to Jerusalem and the Israel Museum. He has an amazing wealth of information and was incredibly gracious to give me a tour and share his fountain of knowledge with me as we saw the Dead Sea Scrolls, Aleppo Codex, Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the Judgment Gate, Via Dolorosa, Golgotha and more. This was my second time in Jerusalem and, like the first time, this trip was also a truly moving and amazing experience.

As for work, I could not be more grateful than to be able to bring the message of family building to those who wish to come to the United States to have their children through surrogacy. In the United States, and specifically at Worldwide Surrogacy, we offer a unique and truly warm and positive approach to the surrogacy journey. Also, we try to make it affordable by offering some of the lowest costs in the United States. Most of all, we offer matching with qualified, sound, stable women who are happy to help a couple or a single parent achieve their dream of having children. Along with the gestational surrogate, we will follow through with legal matters and support throughout the process.

It is daunting to come so far from home and trust people to help you with a surrogacy plan, but in the hands of a competent professional team, the journey can be exciting and enjoyable. 

For all of you who we met in Tel Aviv, please consider Worldwide Surrogacy a resource. We will be happy to continue answering questions about surrogacy in the United States and how we can help you have your babies and return safely home.

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