Top Support Groups & Resources for Surrogates

Top Support Groups & Resources for Surrogates

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Working as the surrogate recruiter, prospective women who are thinking of becoming gestational surrogates often ask for resources to find out further information about the surrogacy process, to interact with other surrogates and intended parent(s), or to learn about different agencies and their specific processes.

In this age of social media, Facebook plays a very large role in the connection of surrogates and intended parent(s). Here are a few good resources on Facebook.

Surrogates & IP's Match/Chat is a group created for anyone looking to match with intended parents, gestational surrogates, traditional surrogates, egg donors, etc.; or for anyone who would simply like to be informed about surrogacy. Members of this group are very open-minded and honest as they explain the best and worst parts about their surrogacy journey. The group is an avenue for intended parents and surrogates to share their own personal stories in attempts of finding the perfect match for their surrogacy journey.

Surrogate/IP Meeting Place Another popular Facebook group, it is aimed at connecting potential intended parent(s) and prospective surrogates; the goal being to create a perfect match for all parties involved. Surrogacy matching agencies share profiles of their intended parents to allow prospective surrogates to acquaint themselves with the many intended parents looking to have a child through surrogacy. The most important part of the journey is the connection between surrogates and intended parents and therefore, it is beneficial for surrogates and intended parents to share their personal stories with others who are looking to begin their journey through surrogacy.

In addition to the many Facebook groups, there are some other websites that have a lot of information and sharing opportunities for surrogates.

"Find surrogate" is an extremely well known website in the surrogacy world. The website provides surrogates and intended parents with specific, detailed information about surrogacy, egg donation, IVF, gay surrogacy, surrogacy laws, and pregnancy. It also offers specific information about surrogacy agencies, fertility clinics, surrogacy lawyers, etc. "Find surrogate," allows its users to search for surrogates, find donors and specialists, connect with others in our community, and share personal experiences.

"SurroMoms Online" (SMO) is another instrumental support group for surrogates and intended parents seeking advice, support, and guidance throughout their journey. SMO allows users to communicate through message boards, access useful links and articles, and search hundreds of classified advertisements for both surrogates, intended parent(s), egg donors, sperm donors, embryo donation, adoption, etc.

"All About Surrogacy" (AAS) provides useful links, articles and forums for surrogates and intended parents about the surrogacy process. AAS allows users to search classified ads for gestational and/or traditional surrogates, egg donors, sperm donors and intended parents. In addition, classified advertisements include embryo donation and embryo adoption, as well.

Although these are all virtual groups, they create a strong sense of security, support and community for all to access. In our experience at Worldwide Surrogacy, we have heard directly from our surrogates that these sites are extremely valuable, as they can be guides at any point in the process. Whether you are in the initial stages and are seeking general information about surrogacy, or you are getting ready to have your first transfer, these resources can provide:

  • A baseline for surrogates in regards to fees (i.e., transfer fee, maternity clothing fee, invasive procedure fee, etc.)
  • Timeline/Markers as to what should be happening, when
  • Personal stories from former surrogates regarding their experiences (what to expect with certain invasive procedures, etc.)
  • Overview of various surrogacy matching agencies and their procedures/protocol

Regardless of where you are in the surrogacy process, there will be many avenues of support that you will have along the way. The ones noted above are just a few of many. In addition, we, here at Worldwide, will ensure that you get the necessary support and security you deserve as you embark on this exciting journey.

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