Top 5 Tips for a Happy, Healthy Pregnancy

Top 5 Tips for a Happy, Healthy Pregnancy

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As a pregnant woman, there are certain choices you can make to improve your pregnancy both for yourself and the developing child.

Follow these five recommendations to enjoy a happy, healthy pregnancy.

1. Eat Right

One of the first things you should do is learn which foods to avoid until the baby is born. While there are a number of foods that can negatively affect both you and the unborn baby during your pregnancy, there are plenty of tasty, healthy choices that will benefit you both.

Pregnancy makes some foods unbearable (including foods you absolutely loved before being pregnant) and pregnancy cravings are a very real aspect of carrying a child.

The key to success and a happy, healthy pregnancy is balance. Give into cravings on occasion, but make sure you're eating a well-balanced meal plan throughout most of the day.

2. Get Some Exercise

Taking the time to care for you and the baby is an essential component to a happy pregnancy. Exercise keeps the blood flowing, reduces swelling, reduces stress and keeps both of you in a happier, healthier place.

This doesn't mean that you should enlist in the newest boot camp training program as soon as you're expecting. Exercise can be as soothing as a walk on the beach or a prenatal yoga class.

Whatever your preferred activities include, you should work to get regular exercise throughout the pregnancy.

3. Take Prenatal Vitamins

Prenatal vitamins are essential to a healthy and happy pregnancy.

Good prenatal vitamins will contain the recommended amounts of vitamins and minerals imperative to helping baby develop. Your OBGYN can prescribe a prenatal but there are also over-the-counter options to consider.

Some women have complained that the prescribed prenatals made them sick, but that is never a reason to stop taking them. There are enough varieties available to explore until you find the right ones for your body.

4. Stay Hydrated

Water is a pregnant woman's very dear friend. It's critical that pregnant women drink eight to ten glasses of water each day.

Most pregnant women find themselves thirsty enough to meet the daily requirements for water, but not all women are fans of plain H2O. It's important to steer clear of soda or other caffeinated beverages and try to consume plain water instead.

5. Minimize Stress

Life can be stressful, but stress should be minimized during a pregnancy. Stress can impact the developing baby as well as increase some of the less desirable side effects of being pregnant.

Pregnant women should work to share their burdens whenever possible. One option is to delegate responsibilities to loved ones willing to help. Any routine tasks that can build stress should become someone else's responsibility throughout the pregnancy.

Not everyone embrace's New Age activities, but some are worth exploring during pregnancy. A good prenatal yoga class can leave a pregnant woman feeling relaxed enough to get a great night's sleep. Acupuncture can target specific issues leaving the woman feeling relaxed, temporarily free from some pregnancy problems and feeling fantastic.

Staying happy and healthy during pregnancy isn't hard. When you commit to making the right choices, you commit to doing what is best both for yourself and the child.

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