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When a single man decides he is ready to be a father, gestational surrogacy may provide his best chance. The modern American family includes a wide variety of diversity. Single men who choose children and parenthood regardless of a spouse or life mate are a perfect example of the ever-evolving modern family. Single men choosing surrogacy to start a family is on the rise and becoming increasingly popular.

Traditional or Gestational Surrogacy

Any single man who has decided to have a child via surrogacy must decide whether traditional or gestational surrogacy will meet his needs.

If the intended father would prefer traditional surrogacy, he will need to find a surrogate, possibly a family member or friend. The traditional surrogate will provide the egg(s) and will carry the pregnancy. However, the intended father will still want to consult an experienced surrogacy attorney to discuss parentage. Traditional surrogacies are not as common today because of potential legal obstacles that can present themselves.  

When an intended father chooses gestational surrogacy, he will need both an egg donor and a gestational surrogate. There are significantly greater costs associated with gestational surrogacy, including the cost of an egg donor, the surrogate fee, and agency fees. However, part of what makes gestational surrogacy more appealing is the absence of any genetic relationship between the carrier and the child.

Know Your State's Surrogacy Laws

One of the most important tips for single men pursuing surrogacy is to learn their state's surrogacy laws. The intended father will need to learn what he can do to ensure his parentage. He should schedule a consultation with an experienced surrogacy attorney to discuss his options. A reputable agency will help the intended father through the process. Knowing his parentage rights or what he will need to do to secure his parentage will be critical prior to beginning his journey.

Prioritize Your Wants

Part of what makes surrogacy work for a variety of intended parents and surrogates is the ability to work with IPs or a surrogate from different states or countries. However, if the intended parent hopes to attend most medical appointments, he may prefer to find a surrogate closer to home. Prioritizing what he anticipates will be the most meaningful aspects of the surrogacy journey will help the intended father gain the most from the experience.

Overall, a single man pursuing surrogacy is not very different from anyone else venturing along the same journey. We are all fortunate that we live in a time where assisted reproductive technology has made it possible to start a family regardless of gender, sexual orientation or marital status.


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