Tips for Choosing Baby Names Plus Popular Naming Trends from 2017

Tips for Choosing Baby Names Plus Popular Naming Trends from 2017

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Some parents know without question what they want to name their child the moment they're pregnant. Others work tirelessly to find the "perfect" name for their new baby.

Family names, trendy names, literary names, religious names...there are so many options to consider! Here is a brief recap of some of 2017's baby name trends, plus some tips to consider when choosing your newborn's moniker.

2017 Trends

For the past few years, we've seen a few consistently popular names, including Emma, Jackson, Noah, Sophia and Olivia. They continued to top the most popular list of baby names for 2017.

Less traditionally, we saw the rise of icon-inspired names in 2017. Parents have been honoring their favorite athletes, Disney princesses, celebrities, and televised characters. There was a notable increase in LeBron, Kevin, Belle, and Moana. While not wildly common yet, other unique names from this category that surged in popularity in 2017 included characters from Harry Potter (Severus, Albus, and Minerva) and Game of Thrones (Arya, Khaleesi, and Sansa). We'll need to pay attention over the next few years to see if any Voldemort's or Joffrey's top the lists!

Nature and colors were also noted influences in the baby name game of 2017. Some of names that surged in popularity included Oaklynn, River, Opal, Hazel and Brooks.

Honor Your Family

Many children are named for a parent, grandparent, or distant relation with hopes of emulating some fantastic quality of the family member's character.

While this practice is typically used more often with male family members?less frequently now than ever, it turns out?this is an excellent opportunity to honor the strong women in your family lineage. Using a mother or grandmother's maiden name, either as the first or middle, is also a lovely way to pay tribute to them.

Best-Kept Secret

Some parents are so sure of their name choice, they have no reservations telling the world before the baby is born. Others prefer to keep the choice a secret for any number of valid reasons.

Concerns include: superstitions that naming the baby before it is born will bring the child bad luck; or, any judgements may influence your decision or make you question your choice (ex: if Aunt Bea goes on and on about how awful your name choice is!).

Keep in mind most people will be less likely to say anything negative about a name when holding or looking directly at your gorgeous bundle of joy!

Go With the Flow

Some parents just cannot seem to agree on what to call their kid. Parents in this predicament have to eventually decide, but in the meantime, a word of advice: when in doubt, wait it out. Sometimes it takes seeing your little love before you know for sure his or her name. You may have a few preferred ideas in mind, but you'll wait until you investigate baby's little face before deciding.

Trust Your Instinct

Still thinking on a name? A piece of old folklore may offer the best advice. Find somewhere private, sit with your eyes closed, and say the name(s) you're considering aloud. Legend goes that when you say the "right" name, you will smile involuntarily.

Finding the perfect name can be an overwhelming task. Read baby name books, keep your options open, and rest assured, the name you choose will sound like music to your ears the first time you say it to your new baby.

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