The Importance of Location When Choosing a Surrogacy Agency

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There are several factors to consider when choosing a surrogacy agency. Interestingly, location is not one.

Choosing to work with a surrogacy agency in another county, state or country is an option for intended parents and surrogates alike. Most of what transpires between the surrogacy agency and the clients can be conducted remotely. Thanks to email, scanning, facetiming and other modern technological advances that facilitate immediate, effective communication, intended parents can seek a surrogacy agency with pros other than proximity.

Depending on the situation, it may be more important to the IPs to select an IVF clinic closer to home. This would be beneficial if the IPs intend to be present with the gestational carrier for appointments. However, this too is not mandatory. Some IPs may wish to attend ultrasound appointments once their surrogate is pregnant, requiring planned trips to get to the surrogate's hometown for scheduled OB appointments. This is not always an option, depending on finances or time available to travel. Regardless of when or how often IPs travel to attend appointments throughout the pregnancy, the location of their surrogacy agency will not impact their plans.

More important than the location of the surrogacy agency is the agency's success rates and reputation. When choosing a surrogacy agency, IPs will need to decide what they believe will make the best experience. Does an agency that is actively involved throughout the process matter more or an agency that will take care of necessary business but not be in direct contact all the time?

Whenever possible, IPs should consult with others they know, either in person or via support groups regarding referrals or direct experience with a surrogacy agency. Word of mouth is an effective measure for gauging whether a surrogacy agency truly operates the way they advertise. When considering an agency, it should be possible to request testimonials or ask if any previous clients would be willing to answer some questions for them.

The most important move IPs can make when choosing a surrogacy agency is doing prior research. IPs should want to learn as much as possible about the agency's success rates as measured by how many cases resulted in the birth of a child.

Additional information IPs should learn about a surrogacy agency include:

  • How long the agency has been in operation
  • How the agency screens surrogates
  • What services are included in the agency fees
  • Whether or not the agency has an in-house escrow company

Some IPs may wish to learn how many babies have been born to same sex couples, single parents, or international IPs. Working with an agency that has experience with your family style might help alleviate concerns about whether they will be equipped to answer all of your questions.

In conclusion, the exact location of the surrogacy agency does not matter. It will be more important for intended parents to learn the surrogacy laws in the state or country where they live. The right surrogacy agency will be able to answer all your questions and help make your dream of having a child come true.

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