The Best Pregnancy Pillows for Surrogates

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As a surrogate, we know you've experienced pregnancy before, but it doesn't make sleeping any easier when you're carrying.

When pregnancy aches and pains interfere with your sleep, it's time for reinforcements. There are a variety of pregnancy pillows available today that are designed to help alleviate some of those discomforts.

Why Get a Pregnancy Pillow?

It's possible to use regular pillows placed strategically around needed areas, but they'll likely slide during the night, leaving you repeatedly struggling to readjust.

Pregnancy pillows are designed to maintain their firmness and remain in the desired location providing optimal support.

Some discomforts pregnancy pillows are designed to target include:

  • Lower Backaches
  • Hip Pain
  • Joint Pains
  • Heartburn Reduction (Elevates Upper Body)
  • Bump Support

Choosing the Right Pillow

Before committing to a purchase, you should research different pillow styles to determine those that will best meet your needs. Some pillows are designed for side sleepers, some for back sleepers, some for stomach sleepers, etc.

Pregnancy pillows are available in different shapes, lengths, and levels of firmness. They can be C-shaped, U-shaped, a wedge, and even inflatable with a bump hole for belly sleepers.

Consider what specifications will likely target your aches and needs then read reviews to decide which brand and style sounds "best" for you. Finally, prepare to get a more comfortable, supported night's sleep.

Top Pillow Options for Surrogates

Again, the "best" pregnancy pillow really depends on what you need. Here is a list of current popular picks for the different styles available:

Queen Rose Total Body Pillow


The Queen Rose is a very popular U-shaped body pillow. It's designed to support your bump, your back, your neck, and head all at the same time. One of the long arms of the pillow can also be positioned between your leg to support your hips.

Common complaints about this pillow are that it can get flat and that it retains heat. As a surrogate, if you tend to run hot while you sleep, this may not be your best option.

Available in a variety of lengths and colors from Queen Rose

Leachco Snoogle® Chic Supreme


The "snoogle's" C-shaped design provides support and comfort to the back, bump, and hips. You can comfortably rest your head while positioning the snoogle to support some of your less comfortable spots.

Biggest complaints with this pillow are that it's difficult to change the pillowcase and that it can make you feel hot.

Available from Leachco

Hiccapop Pregnancy Pillow Wedge


The wedge is designed to slide easily under your bump as you sleep. Because it's lightweight and easy to maneuver, it can also be placed between the legs to support the hips and behind your head to combat heartburn.

The most common complaint about the wedge is its limitations. Its small size prevents it from being able to support multiple discomforts at one time.

Available from HIccapop

Cozy Bump Pregnancy Pillow


This inflatable bed/pillow is designed for pregnant women who sleep on their stomach. A hole is cut out where your bump can safely nestle during the night.

The most common complaint is that it must be placed on the floor and not the bed. Also, some women have compared it to a raft rather than a bed.

Available from Cozy Bump

It's important to take the time to learn about different pregnancy pillows so you and the baby can get the best night's sleep possible. The best way to determine what exactly you need to maintain an acceptable level of comfort is to do your research into the best pregnancy products on the market today.

That's where we come in. Check out the rest of the Worldwide Surrogacy blog for help compiling everything you need for a successful surrogacy journey.

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