The Best Advice for First Time Surrogates

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Carrying a child for someone is an unparalleled act of kindness. The gift will bring joy to all parties involved. As you begin your first journey as a surrogate, consider the following advice to help you make the most of your experience.

Be Flexible

Getting pregnant as a gestational carrier will require several medical appointments. You will attend appointments before you begin, appointments to get hormone injections, appointments to receive an embryo transfer, etc. At times you may be given some or very little notice. Go into your time as a surrogate with a willingness to be flexible. You might be expected to find childcare in an instant or drop your own plans when the doctor's office calls. The ability to remain flexible will help you make the most of your time as a gestational carrier.

Accept that it May Take Some Time

As a surrogate, you are not guaranteed to experience the same ease or success you might have experienced during your own pregnancies. In addition to the fact that all pregnancies are unique, your pregnancy as a surrogate will be a medical procedure and a very different experience. Challenges can occur; however, a surrogate should not take any failed attempts personally. While some surrogates do get pregnant quickly, others share how they endured several failed transfers and failed matches. Accepting that it might take time to experience success as a surrogate will help you find peace during any obstacles.

Consider a Surrogacy "Ritual" Throughout the Journey

One recommendation to consider is creating a ritual or routine throughout the surrogacy. Whatever you decide can help make the experience more fun. Examples include taking a picture of your baby bump each day and either sharing with IPs at that time or compiling all photos into a flipbook/keepsake. You could give a copy to the IPs at the birth and even keep a copy for yourself.

Another idea is to talk to the baby each night, perhaps at the same time or in the same location. Tell them how lucky he/she is to have such amazing parents who went to great lengths to have him/her. Establishing a ritual is a fun way to enjoy the surrogacy.

Connect with an Experienced Surrogate

The best support throughout your first surrogacy journey might come from an experienced surrogate. While each surrogacy is unique, you may find comfort sharing details with someone who has firsthand experience with what you're going through. An experienced surrogate can help you find peace once the baby is born. At Worldwide Surrogacy Specialists, we have an experienced surrogate on staff, Serena Lugo. A two-time surrogate, Serena works as the case manager for any gestational carriers once they begin their journey.

The most important advice for a first-time surrogate is to relax and enjoy every second of your journey. No matter what might occur along the way, in the end you will have given the gift of parenthood to someone who wants it desperately and would not have been able to experience it without you.


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