Surrogates & Intended Parents: Getting to Know Each Other

Surrogates & Intended Parents: Getting to Know Each Other

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Typically, when a surrogate signs on with WSS they have a million questions floating through their minds. Questions such as, how the application process works, how long the screening process will take, what the approval process entails, etc.

However, in our experience, the question that seems to weigh heaviest on WSS surrogates and their families surrounds what the relationship and dynamic will be like between a surrogate and her intended parents. That's why, it is so important for both the intended parents and the surrogate to not only consider their own personal needs and expectations, but also to express them to each other so that all parties are on the same page prior to the official match. We maintain the best interests of both our surrogates and intended parents when making a match. However, it all revolves around mutual compatibility between the two parties.

It is key for surrogates and intended parents to get to know one another before the match is made, as communication plays a vital role in the process. Our surrogates are located within the United States, whereas our intended parents are located both internationally and domestically. Due to this, we encourage phone calls, texts and Skype/Facetime as means to remain in contact. In addition to location playing a factor in this journey, WSS works with an assortment of intended parents, including single people, couples, heterosexual, and gay. Some of our parents have children of their own or have already had children via surrogacy, while others are just starting this process for the first time. All of these things must be taken into consideration by both sides, as is it important for all thoughts and views to be out in the open.

Not only is it important for the surrogate and the intended parents to consider what type of person they would like to match with, but also, it is important for them to consider the desired level of communication throughout the journey. In our experience, communication preferences can vary. For example, we have many women who prefer a lot of communication and involvement with their intended parents, such as having them attend doctor's appointments, etc. Conversely, we also have surrogates who prefer to have less communication and involvement with their intended parents and prefer to use Skype, Facetime, etc. A lot depends on the type of personality each has in addition to the expectations of all parties involved.

Although there are many factors that can impact the matching decision, it is important that both the intended parents and the surrogate feel comfortable moving forward with the match given each other's expressed expectations. As everyone is different, we encourage open communication between the two parties in order to ensure that everyone is direct with one another.

Through the screening process of both surrogates and intended parents, the WSS team truly gets to know each and every person we work with. We strongly believe there is a "right" match for everyone. If you are patient, open-minded, and honest with your thoughts and feelings, the right person will come along to make your surrogacy journey an amazing and rewarding experience.

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