Surrogacy Screening and Matching: Finding the Perfect Match

Victoria Ferrara


At Worldwide Surrogacy Specialists, we understand that the journey to parenthood through surrogacy is a deeply personal and emotional one. When embarking on this path, finding the perfect surrogate match is a pivotal step. In this blog, we'll delve into the intricacies of surrogacy screening and matching, shedding light on the significance of this phase in the surrogacy journey.

The Vital Role of Surrogacy Agencies

As a leading surrogacy agency, Worldwide is committed to helping individuals of all backgrounds, including LGBTQIA+ parents, find their ideal match among intended parents and surrogates. We serve as the bridge that connects prospective parents with potential surrogates, streamlining the surrogacy process and ensuring that every step is managed with utmost care, love and professionalism.

Surrogacy Screening: Identifying the Right Candidate

  • Physical Health: Our agency places great importance on the physical health of potential surrogates. We do actively require candidates to undergo comprehensive medical evaluations to ensure they are in excellent health and have the physical capability to carry a healthy and happy pregnancy to term. We obtain their medical records and submit them to your chosen fertility specialist for review and approval.
  • Emotional and Psychological Well-being: Emotional and psychological stability are essential qualities in a surrogate. We conduct thorough interviews and psychological assessments to gauge a candidate's emotional readiness for their journey ahead. Surrogates must have a strong support system and a clear understanding of the emotional aspect of this process that they may encounter.
  • Lifestyle and Background Checks: We conduct meticulous background checks and home visits to ensure that potential surrogates have a stable and supportive home life and . This includes assessing their financial stability, criminal history, and lifestyle choices to ensure a safe and nurturing environment for the pregnancy.

Matching: Creating the Perfect Surrogacy Match

Once we have identified potential surrogates who qualify to carry by passing screening requirements,  we work closely with intended parents to facilitate the matching process. This phase involves finding the right surrogate who aligns with the intended parents' values, preferences, and expectations. Our experienced team carefully considers factors such as location, personality, and shared goals to create a partnership that extends far beyond the initial match. The team at Worldwide Surrogacy understands that this is a profound and intimate process to bring a group of people together who will share the efforts and the joy of bringing a baby into the world.

Support and Guidance

At Worldwide Surrogacy Specialists, we understand that surrogacy can be a challenging and emotional journey. That's why we provide ongoing support and guidance to both intended parents and surrogates throughout the process. Our dedicated and experienced team is always ready to address questions, offer counseling services, and provide assistance whenever needed.

Surrogacy screening and matching are pivotal stages in the surrogacy journey, and at Worldwide Surrogacy Specialists, we take these responsibilities seriously. Our commitment to finding the perfect match for intended parents and surrogates is unwavering, and we are here to guide you through every step of this remarkable journey. If you are considering surrogacy, trust in our expertise and dedication to help you achieve your dream of parenthood.

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