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There is no limit to the resources available on surrogacy. Books, websites, online support groups, and first person accounts are accessible for intended parents and gestational surrogates. Whether someone is considering surrogacy and seeking general information or needs support and reassurance to contend with a difficult aspect, resources exist to help.  

Surrogacy Laws State by State

While overall the United States is at the forefront for surrogacy experience and equality, it does not guarantee the same practice or protection in each state. Anyone interested in surrogacy in the US should do research to learn the specific surrogacy laws and/or restrictions in a particular state. An excellent website to visit is: The site covers critical information including, but not limited to, whether or not gestational surrogacy is legal in that state, does the state offer pre-birth orders, and who and under what circumstances will someone be granted legal parentage.

Surrogacy Books for Children

In some instances, the gift of gab is all a parent needs to explain any complex topic to a child. Not many of us are that blessed, so we recruit the help of other sources of information to complete the task. Children's books are an excellent medium to help kids understand surrogacy. The familiar format, easy to understand yet artfully creative language and appealing illustrations open children up to exploring new topics. Parents can select children's books that explain what  surrogacy is, how their children were born through surrogacy, why mommy is choosing to be a surrogate for someone else, and how their two dads (or two moms) were able to have a child.

Several titles are available to explain in detail the many steps along the path to surrogacy. Some titles worth reading include:

Sophia's Broken Crayons, written by Crystal A Falk, ventures into surrogacy through a child's perspective. The story is written to appeal to a young audience of 2 to 6 year olds.  

Why I'm So Special by Carla Lewis-Long is a children's picture book available in two different versions. Both versions seek to explain surrogacy to children. The parents in one version are a heterosexual couple, while the parents in the other version are two dads.

The Twin Kangaroo Treasure Hunt, A Gay Parenting Story by Carmen Martinez Jover is a wonderful book that explains the steps a gay couple take to grow their family.

A Turtle's Tale by Crystal Henry is a storybook that helps children understand surrogacy and why some women choose to be gestational carriers.

Internet Support Groups

Intended parents who prefer immediate answers or specific feedback should explore surrogacy support groups and online forums. Sites have been created to support and share information to intended parents, gestational surrogates and both parties. Finding a support group that meets the needs of the individual can vary. Sometimes people click with the framework and participants in an online forum. Other times, it is beneficial to resume the search and find a new group. Whatever the inspiration to explore an online support group may be, it can be an excellent resource for intended parents and gestational surrogates throughout each step of their journey.

*Please note: This is a general synopsis. You should speak with your healthcare provider for more information and details about your individual process. 


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