Stories from a Former Surrogate: The Benefits of Using an Agency

Stories from a Former Surrogate: The Benefits of Using an Agency

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Surrogacy has increasingly grown in popularity as a viable option for those who want to raise a family. For the couples who have been able to use this alternate route, the results have been life-changing. Our Vice President and Director of Surrogate Services, Serena Lugo, has been a gestational surrogate herself. She is an invaluable resource to us on what the experience is like from both sides of the process.

Serena's Journey

Serena gained a deep appreciation for the gift of life after undergoing several rounds of IVF to conceive her daughter. The challenges associated with infertility treatments, and the emotions that accompany them, made a lasting impression on her. With the birth of her daughter, Serena knew that she wanted to give back to others who were struggling to have a family.

Doing It Alone 

While pregnant, Serena researched surrogacy at length. She joined online support groups to gain a full understanding of what going through the surrogacy process was like. While many professional outlets offered resources about the experience, she wanted to connect with those actually going through it. For her, the biggest question was whether or not she was emotionally prepared to go through a pregnancy for another couple. Getting to know others who had gone through it helped her understand and come to terms with experience.

During this time, a friend from one of the support groups suggested that she speak with a couple who were searching for a surrogate. Serena had an immediate connection with them. They spoke often and and met in person before they went forward with the process without the help of an agency. 

What an Agency Contributes

While Serena and the intended parents had a successful outcome, Serena realized later on that there were some important practical aspects to the surrogacy that weren't completed, details that an agency would have overseen. An agency would have managed thorough genetic testing, psychological screenings, and paperwork for the birth certificate, in addition to drawing up applicable legal contracts and settling financial obligations. An agency ensures that all parties are invested in the process for the right reasons. A skilled psychologist provides additional assurance that the surrogate is in a strong, healthy relationship with her spouse and they are ready to take the journey together.

If you have made the decision to give the gift of life as a surrogate, the level of support and reassurance you will receive from an agency, is immeasurable. Agencies work hard to match carriers with the right intended parents who share values. That way, you can enjoy the time together as carrier and intended parents, a time already full of emotions, without worrying about the stressful details that agencies can manage for you.

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