Second Journeys

Second Journeys

Victoria Ferrara


The surrogacy experience is commonly referred to as a journey. All the necessary steps along the route to having a child through gestational surrogacy distinguish themselves as an adventurous entity. Once the maiden journey is complete, with the gestational surrogate recovering with her own family and the intended parents finally experiencing the joys of parenthood for themselves, any growing pains from the hardships along their journey subside and a desire emerges to do it all over again. This is known as the second journey. Although it may bring something different to intended parents and gestational surrogates, it is an equally meaningful commitment to bring another wanted child into this world.

Second Journey for Gestational Surrogates

A woman may choose to be a gestational surrogate for a variety of reasons. Some women have been touched by stories of reproductive challenges and want to help others experience the gift of having a child. Other women know someone who cannot carry a child for themselves so they choose to offer their reproductive services. While compensation is certainly a positive factor, it is not common to hear a woman interested in being a gestational surrogate solely for financial gain. Most gestational surrogates emphasize how amazing they feel after seeing the intended parents hold and bond with the baby.

This sense of empowerment is often what leads experienced gestational surrogates to try a second journey. Whatever the best timeframe is for the woman, she should contact her surrogacy agency and let them know she is interested in doing it again. While the monetary compensation is not the reason to consider a second journey, it is nice to know that many experienced surrogates receive a slightly higher compensation.

Second Journey for Intended Parents

Parents who have had their child through gestational surrogacy are often well aware of the challenges that can present themselves along the way. This, however, does not discourage many from wanting to continue to grow their family through multiple surrogate mothers.

Some intended parents may request to work with the same gestational surrogate who carried their first child. This option may have been covered in the first surrogacy contract (whether or not the surrogate would consider a second journey). However, if the surrogate from the first child is not interested in a second journey, the surrogacy agency can begin to match the IP's with a new gestational surrogate.

While there may be some level of comfort working with a surrogate you already know, it does not mean that a journey with another gestational carrier cannot be as meaningful or successful as the first. It is also important to acknowledge there are no guarantees. Just because the first journey was successful, does not ensure the second will take the same amount of time. The same risks will apply each time. Fortunately, the end result of another beautiful little life, no matter how long it takes or how many struggles had to be overcome to get him/her, make a second journey (and sometimes a third and fourth) worthwhile.

*Please note: This is a general synopsis. You should speak with your healthcare provider for more information and details about your individual process.   

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