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Possibly the most selfless gift a woman can give, aside from birthing her own children, is to become a surrogate. 

A gestational surrogacy occurs when a fertilized embryo is transferred into a woman's uterus and she carries the child to term. The woman shares no biological relationship to the child and is simply a "carrier" for the intended parents. This differentiates gestational surrogacy from traditional surrogacy.

Traditional surrogacy uses the surrogate's own egg for the pregnancy, and the surrogate serves as both the carrier and the biological mother to the child.

Women choose to be gestational carriers for many reasons. Some women who are done growing their own families miss being pregnant. They opt to re-live pregnancy by carrying a child for someone else. Other women who have been fortunate enough to have their own children want to help others experience this great gift. Hearing the heartache of someone who desperately wants to have a child but is unable to conceive or carry the baby themselves motivates some women to carry the child for them. 

If a woman is considering becoming a surrogate, she must meet the following criteria:

  • She must be between 21 and 43 years of age
  • She must reside in a surrogate-friendly state (women residing in the following states do not qualify: LA, MI, NE)
  • She must have carried and birthed at least one child of her own
  • She has had no more than three Cesarean Sections
  • She has an overall BMI (Body Mass Index) of 33 or less
  • She must be a U.S. citizen
  • She must be a non-smoker and non-drug user
  • She is not currently on anti-anxiety or anti-depressant medication

Any woman who meets the qualifications can apply to become a surrogate. Once the application is accepted, the surrogate will undergo a thorough screening process. The surrogate screening process helps select quality candidates who will then be matched with intended parents.

If you meet the criteria and are considering becoming a gestational surrogate, contact Worldwide Surrogacy Specialists to learn more about how our exceptional in-house social workers, psychologists, and experienced in-house surrogate will help prepare and guide you through the process.

We are fully committed to helping all parties involved gain the most from this amazing experience.

Give us a call today (203-255-9877) or visit our website to complete a surrogacy application.

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