Our Time At The San Francisco Men Having Babies Event

Our Time At The San Francisco Men Having Babies Event

Erin Colonnese


This past weekend, two of our Worldwide team members, Jennifer McArthur and I (Erin Colonnese), traveled to the West Coast to attend the Men Having Babies Conference in San Francisco, California leaving behind snow in exchange for sunshine and opportunity. Both Jen and I, never having been to San Francisco prior, were excited and eager to represent WSS at the conference, but more importantly, looked forward to meeting with intended parents hoping to build their families.

Upon our arrival to the LGBT Community Center, both Jen and I were pleasantly surprised by the turnout; all the seats in the center's auditorium were filled. The conference as a whole went extremely well and although it was directed at providing future intended parents with information and resources about gestational surrogacy, Jen and I learned a few things as well.

After speaking with many future intended parents at the conference, it was rewarding to know that many of them attended just to meet with our agency! Furthermore, even though our offices are located on the East Coast (in NY and CT) almost 3,000 miles away, people on the West Coast had heard about WSS and wanted to learn more about us. The people we met with and the experience we had at this conference was certainly a gratifying one. We were able to see the impact Worldwide has made thus far.

In one of our information sessions, we met a couple who were friends of one of our current clients. Simply hearing that they heard "great things about our agency" and that their friends "have had such an amazing journey with us" was both heartwarming, and encouraging that WSS has made an impression.

We also met another couple who have been thinking about their gestational surrogacy journey for almost three years and "are ready to start moving forward." Each and every intended parent that we met with at the conference had something different to ask or tell of us. Moreover, this same characteristic is true of surrogacy agencies; each agency is unique and different. What Worldwide Surrogacy can offer you might be very different than what another agency can and vice versa. So based on this, why should you come to the East Coast to work with the team at Worldwide?  We pride ourselves on our slogan, "We Journey With You." Even if you don't live in Connecticut, or on the East Coast for that matter, we are with you through every step of the process.

Overall, the San Francisco Men Having Babies Conference was success. Both Jen and I and the rest of the team here at Worldwide look forward to working with all those future intended parents not only from the San Francisco Conference but also beyond! 


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