Our First Conference on How to Become a Surrogate

Our First Conference on How to Become a Surrogate

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Worldwide Surrogacy will be holding our first Surrogate Conference on Sunday, April 10 from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM EST. WSS is looking forward to bringing together prospective, current, and past surrogates for a fun and informative day at the beautiful Water's Edge Resort & Spa in Westbrook, CT.

Our attendees will be welcomed by Founder and Legal Director, Victoria Ferrara, who will introduce herself and the WSS team.She will briefly discuss the topic of becoming a gestational surrogate to any who are unfamiliar with the process. Serena Lugo, our Director of Surrogate Services, will talk about her role on the WSS team, and share her wonderful experiences being a surrogate, herself. Our Director of Case Management, Jennifer McArthur, will discuss her experiences working directly with intended parents throughout the journey. Attendees will also meet three surrogates who have completed journeys through WSS. They will share their stories of becoming surrogates and working with our surrogacy agency. 

We will then break for lunch, where women can eat and mingle with other potential/experienced surrogates and the WSS team.

After lunch, each member of the WSS team will have their own table focusing on a specific aspect of the surrogacy process. Marisa Papa, our Surrogate Recruiter, will explain surrogate requirements, the initial steps you can take to become a surrogate, and the entire application and screening process. Jackie Unger, our Case Management Assistant, will discuss obtaining the medical records that will be necessary for medical clearance. Erin Colonnese, our Associate Case Manager, and Kim Goodrich, our Executive Assistant and Paralegal, will touch upon issues regarding contracts and all legal aspects of surrogacy. Jennifer will talk about the psychological screening, and Serena will discuss the medical processes involved.

Once everyone has gained a better understanding of the path to becoming a surrogate, we will come back together for a raffle. All attendees will have received a raffle ticket upon entering, making them eligible to win prizes such as an iPad, $250 American Express gift card, and other items. Once we announce the winners, we will open up for questions or express any individual concerns participants may have. There will also be time for conversation with other surrogates.

Women will leave this conference with a better understanding of our entire application process, including the medical and psychological processes, surrogacy costs, requirements, and the benefits of working with a surrogacy agency.

Space is limited, so attendance will only be available to the first 65 people who register for this event. Please CLICK HERE. For questions, please contact mpapa@worldwidesurrogacy.org. Hope to see you there!


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"Thank you for everything. All of your staff has been very helpful and outstandingly nice! I can't wait to continue this journey with your group."




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