In Search of a Surrogate: How to Find the Perfect Match to Carry Your Baby

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The prospect of finding a surrogate to carry your child is very exciting. Finding the right carrier will help enhance the experience, but how can intended parents find the perfect match? The following should be considered when reviewing potential surrogates. The stronger the match, the greater the chances for an enjoyable and successful surrogacy journey.

Consider Working with an Agency

More and more people from all walks of life are publicly sharing their gestational surrogacy success stories. Celebrities and non-celebrities, gay couples and heterosexual couples, young and old are now glowing with the love they know as parents because they pursued surrogacy. Due to its popularity, some IPs choose to find a surrogate on their own. They may place an ad or search for a candidate by word of mouth.

Choosing a surrogate that has been referred by a reputable agency ensures some safeguards. The surrogacy agency will only work with women between optimal child bearing ages (21-40), women who have had at least one child on their own, women who have had no more than three C-sections, women who live in a surrogacy friendly state, women who are US citizens, women who do not drink, smoke or use illicit drugs, and women who are not currently taking any anti-depressant or anti-anxiety medications.

Once a surrogacy agency receives an application from a candidate who meets all above-mentioned criteria, they will begin the surrogacy screening process. The agency will review the surrogate's medical history and will conduct a criminal background check. The agency will also conduct psychological evaluations to ensure the candidates they refer are truly ready to be matched to IPs.

Working with a reputable surrogacy agency will ensure IPs are matched to exceptional candidates. The agency does most of the work and allows IPs the chance to focus on selecting a gestational carrier with similar values and interests.

Consider the Details 

The surrogacy agency will send IPs potential surrogate matches. This is a fantastic opportunity to get a glimpse of what the surrogate hopes to contribute and gain from the experience. Because the agency has already screened the candidate, IPs can focus on learning about the individual and selecting a carrier who will be an appropriate fit.

Once IPs express a preference for a surrogate the agency will assist them in scheduling a time to meet, either in person or via a video call. The first meeting provides an excellent opportunity to ask more in-depth questions that will help determine whether this may be the perfect match. After a few ice-breakers and introductory questions, important topics to cover include: how many embryo transfers is the surrogate willing to attempt; is the surrogate open to selective reduction, if necessary; is the surrogate open to future journeys? The information obtained will help IPs choose the best match to help bring their child into the world.


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