How We Connect with Surrogates & IPs on Social Media

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In the age of constantly growing technology, Worldwide Surrogacy Specialists is working hard to stay present and prevalent on social media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest are now very popular means to spread the word about the work we do in helping build families through surrogacy.

There are many Facebook groups dedicated to surrogacy (directed towards both intended parents and surrogate mothers), as well as support groups for current and prospective surrogates and intended parents. Facebook allows you to not only connect with surrogacy agencies, but also gives you the opportunity to find security and support in people who know exactly what you're going through.

The power of the "hashtag" is one that is undeniable. A simple post with "#surrogacy" can connect people from all over the world. Pictures speak a thousand words, and that is why WSS is working to share not only our surrogacy agency's mission, but also the story and life of our surrogates and intended parents. On Instagram, one can find photos of our pregnant surrogate mothers, joyous parents with their new baby(ies), and our team at various surrogacy related conferences.

Our Twitter account features blogs about relevant surrogacy topics, photos of our intended parents and surrogates. We also use this outlet to inform our followers about exciting news both within the WSS community (conferences, upcoming events, births of WSS babies) as well as universal aspects of surrogacy (i.e., legal matters, changes in the law, etc.)

Our Pinterest account has whimsical boards dedicated to both surrogate mothers and intended parents. Intended parents can find ways to decorate their nursery, adorable baby names, and even useful books to teach their children about surrogacy. Surrogates will find healthy eating recipes, fashionable maternity clothes, and ways to work out while pregnant. Followers will also find boards with pictures of our WSS babies, surrogate mothers and intended parents, our blogs and resources, and a look into the life of our WSS team.

WSS strives to publish blogs that are helpful for both surrogates and intended parents. These blogs keep our followers updated on the work we are doing, current news about surrogacy issues, where we are traveling, or frequently asked questions. We welcome you to please contact if you would like us to focus on a particular blog topic.

We encourage you to follow us and see where social media can take us!


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