How to Become a Surrogate

How to Become a Surrogate

Victoria Ferrara


One of the best ways to become a surrogate is to find a surrogacy agency that is reputable and trustworthy and to apply through this program. In order to do this, consider doing research on surrogacy agencies and make a connection with the person in charge of recruiting surrogates. It's like choosing anyone who you want to be connected with, such as a doctor or hospital. You need to have confidence and a good feeling about who you are working with. You can even consider asking for references of other surrogates who have worked with the agency. Then you can speak first-hand with someone who has already been a surrogate and who has first-hand knowledge about the surrogacy agency.

In becoming a surrogate, you should also look into the medical aspects of the process. For example, you would want to know about the medications you would take and the fact that these are almost always injectable medications. So can you give yourself a shot? Or do you have someone close to you who can help administer the medications? It would be great if the agency has someone on board who was a surrogate. For example, at our agency, Worldwide Surrogacy, we have a member of our team, Serena, who was a surrogate two times. She is a valuable resource for all of our surrogates and she is a wealth of information. Also, Serena is in charge of the case support team for our surrogates. She and her assistants make sure that all of the surrogates have the information and resources they need to feel safe and appreciated for the incredible gift of life they are giving.

And what about surrogate compensation? The surrogacy agency should give the surrogate candidate information about gestational surrogacy contracts and what goes into them. Surrogates can ask for a base compensation and also for extras in the contract. Consider reading my book, Gestational Surrogacy, A Primer, for a great deal of information about surrogacy agreements and what surrogate compensation is all about. Surrogates should also be referred to a competent surrogacy lawyer who will represent them and guide them through the legal processes they will go through.

There are many wonderful, deserving Intended Parents who greatly desire to have a child and who have good reasons why they need a gestational surrogate. Some women have cancer and can no longer carry a child. Other women have serious infertility issues. There are also gay couples and single men and women who desire to create their families but need the help of a surrogate. The agency should be able to give you ideas of who these parents are so you can make an informed decision about who you want to be matched with.

Matching with Intended Parents is one of the most important aspects of surrogacy, so when you are considering becoming a surrogate, check into the policies and screening protocol that the agency has. Finding out the information you need about the process is part of becoming a surrogate, and that is why it is a good idea to find a reputable agency. This will ensure that you will be informed and supported throughout this most important relationship with your Intended Parents.

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