How Our Two-Time Surrogate Left Her Mark on the Planet

How Our Two-Time Surrogate Left Her Mark on the Planet

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The team here at Worldwide Surrogacy Specialists is always thrilled to see our surrogates deliver happy, healthy babies for their intended parents, but to see one make the news is truly awe-inspiring.

A two-time surrogate from our agency, Keturah Maurice was recently interviewed about her experiences carrying for her intended parents. Although she was the first surrogate to deliver at Memorial Hospital in Mississippi, she may not be the last. Worldwide's Founder Victoria Ferrara pointed out that "Medical technology advances are making it easier for people to create embryos and store embryos and allow infertile couples to have children this way."

But surrogacy was not without its share of challenges for Maurice, who, in addition to carrying two children for other families, is also a busy mother of four as well as a National Guardsman and a high school track coach. The 38-year-old's ability to overcome hurdles with grace is nothing short of remarkable, and she openly described her first experience as a gestational surrogate as "the worst idea she ever came up with."

However, Maurice's feelings changed dramatically after her first delivery. "There's nothing like being able to touch someone's life," Maurice said after seeing how "overwhelmed with joy" the intended parents were as they held their new child for the first time. She said she "knew right then that she would do it again."       

It is not uncommon for surrogates to feel a sense of pressure to deliver a healthy baby for their intended parents, but after the delivery, surrogates often report feeling an immense sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. "They become a small group of people, a team, if you will, and it's a really positive and heartwarming thing if you experience it or participate in it," Ferrara says.

Surrogates and intended parents everywhere should find great inspiration in Maurice's story, as it serves as an important reminder to persist when the journey gets tough. Keturah Maurice personally felt that she was able to "leave a mark on this planet" through surrogacy, and she has certainly left one on our hearts as well.

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