Healthy Pregnancy Tips for Gestational Surrogates

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Nine months of a healthy, happy pregnancy requires some effort. The following are some examples of what a gestational surrogate can do to have a healthy experience both for herself and the child she is carrying.*

Prenatal Vitamins
Taking prenatal vitamins is absolutely critical during pregnancy. There are several varieties of prenatal vitamins?some are prescribed by a physician while others can be purchased at the store. Whichever ones you choose, be sure to get them approved by your obstetrician to ensure they provide what you will need throughout your pregnancy.

It is very important that a gestational surrogate exercises during the pregnancy. Exercise is good for both the surrogate and the baby. If you were an avid exerciser pre-pregnancy, keep it going. If daily exercise hasn't been part of your schedule, it is important you make time for it now. Walking, swimming and prenatal yoga are a few examples of great ways to get exercise during pregnancy.

Monitor Your Weight Gain
It can be tempting to "eat for two" during a pregnancy. While the gestational surrogate needs to increase her daily caloric intake, she will not need to over indulge. Excessive weight gain during pregnancy can increase chances for developing health concerns that can negatively impact both the surrogate and the child.

Eat Healthy Food throughout the Day
Be sure to eat a wide variety of healthy, pregnancy-safe foods all day long. Try to eat five to six small meals throughout the day to help sustain your energy levels. An assortment of vegetables, fruits, thoroughly cooked proteins and low sugar dairy (for calcium) are good considerations to include each day.

Drink Plenty of Fluids
Drinking lots of water while you are pregnant is very important. A minimum of eight to ten glasses each day is recommended. Sugary drinks do not need to be avoided altogether but should be limited. While research is inconclusive, it is advisable to abstain from caffeine beverages while pregnant.

Get Plenty of Sleep
A gestational surrogate should try to get at least eight hours of sleep each night during the pregnancy.

Avoid Alcohol
Alcohol does not benefit the baby or the surrogate during the pregnancy and should be avoided. Excessive alcohol intake can be very harmful to the child and it is best that the surrogate abstain.

Stay Away from Cigarettes
It is imperative that the gestational surrogate avoid cigarettes, secondhand smoke, nicotine, or vaporizers throughout the pregnancy. Nicotine can be very harmful to both her and the child.

OTC Medications and Herbal Supplements
Unless approved by your doctor, forgo taking any over the counter medications (OTC) or herbal supplements during the pregnancy. While harmless to someone who is not pregnant, some OTC drugs and herbal supplements may have a negative impact on the child.

*Please consult your doctor for further information regarding any of these suggestions.

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