Gender Reveal Ideas

Gender Reveal Ideas

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Some expecting parents choose not to learn the gender of their child until the birth. However, there are some of us that cannot wait to confirm our suspicions and share with the world whether baby will be a girl or a boy. Part of honoring the pregnancy and making the most of the pre-parenting experience is celebrating the gender reveal. 

There are countless ways to celebrate a gender reveal?the internet is an excellent resource for ideas. The following recommendations highlight general ideas. Parent(s) can tailor any or all the below mentioned suggestions to match their individual preferences.

Throw a Party                                                  

A gender reveal party is a fantastic way to play up the mystery surrounding whether your baby will be a girl or a boy. You can incorporate gender guessing games throughout the event to mount the suspense. Game ideas include: having guests vote or make tally marks for what sex they believe your child is; a game of old wives' tales to help decode the truth (ex: if the baby belly is shaped like a basketball it is a boy, if the carrier is craving spicy food it is a girl, etc.).

Pinterest is an excellent resource to find creative games that suit your gender reveal party. One individual made a dart board "pop the belly" balloon game with pink fluid inside the balloons, sharing that she was having a girl.

A more discrete party approach is to incorporate subtle hints throughout the event. A white frosting cake with the inside died pink or blue is a quaint way to tell your guests. Adding pastel pink or blue decorations will spread the news as attendees arrive.

Announce the Gender in a Picture

People can send announcements for just about any occasion. Designing a photo shoot to reveal the gender of your baby is a fun option to consider.

Some parents have taken a photo with either pink or blue smoke bombs. Others covered their bodies in pink or blue paint.

If this is not your first child, it can be a lot of fun and very endearing to have the older sibling(s) participate in the reveal photo. Some siblings hold a pink or blue balloon, others hold a t-shirt or onesie stating, "little sister" or "little brother."

Leave Subtle Hints

Some parents may prefer a more laid-back approach to revealing their baby's gender. A few house decorations in pink or blue may leave house guests excited to guess the gender.   

One neat idea for the workplace involves miniature Hershey kiss bars. Keep some in a bowl on your desk. Use a marker to color the letters Hershey pink for a girl or Hershey blue for a boy. There are always co-workers looking for a sweet treat, and how fun for you to have brief celebratory discussions about your baby on the way!

Options are Limitless

There really is no right or wrong way to reveal your baby's gender. The best method depends on the style and ideas of the parent(s). No matter how you choose to reveal it, sharing the expected baby's gender the world is a fun way to incorporate your family and friends in this momentous occasion.

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