Five Ways to Help Ensure a Healthy Birth

Five Ways to Help Ensure a Healthy Birth

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There are certain measures to take while pregnant that support the child's development and contribute to a healthy birth. While the following five steps are recommended, consult with your obstetrician to learn exactly how to maximize the beneficial outcomes for fetal development and the birth of the child.


One of the best ways to help ensure a healthy birth is to eat right. It is recommended that a pregnant woman eat roughly 2,400 calories a day in five or six small meals. The important piece is to eat nutrient-rich calories. A variety of fruits, vegetables, lean meats, dairy or dairy alternatives, nuts and seeds are recommended. While combatting cravings can seem next to impossible during some pregnancies, it is best to limit calories taken from sweets, simple carbs and non-nutritive foods.

During the pregnancy, eating enough protein is crucial. Try to eat lean meats, thoroughly cooked eggs, or vegetarian substitutes (consult your gynecologist before consuming too much soy protein).  

The baby's development is fueled by the nutrients he/she receives from the surrogate mother. The better the food intake, the more likely baby will develop and be born healthy.

Prenatal Vitamins

While eating a well-balanced diet will provide nutrients, it is still important to take prenatal vitamins throughout the pregnancy. Prenatals deliver the necessary amount of folic acid, iron, DHA, and other vitamins and minerals critical to a healthy developing baby.

An obstetrician will prescribe a daily prenatal vitamin. Some intended parents and their surrogates may decide to purchase alternate prenatals at the local health food store. Prescription prenatals are often derived synthetically. Other prenatal vitamins are derived naturally from fruits and vegetables. The choice is a matter of personal preference. Regardless of the brand, taking prenatal vitamins helps contribute to a healthy baby at birth.

Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise throughout the pregnancy is good for both the pregnant woman and the child. Throughout the pregnancy, is it recommended that the surrogate mother exercise approximately thirty minutes each day in any way that feels right and fits into her schedule. Prenatal yoga is highly recommended, as it gets the body moving and can help relieve some of the discomfort associated with being pregnant.

Abstain from Alcohol, Cigarettes and Illegal Drugs

There is absolutely no doubt that alcohol, cigarettes and all illegal drugs can be harmful to the developing fetus. There are no nutritive benefits of any amount, and any use during pregnancy can damage fetal development.

Limit Caffeine Intake

During pregnancy, limited caffeine intake is advised. Current research suggests that approximately one 8-ounce cup of coffee - or equivalent caffeinated beverage - is safe. Too much caffeine can leave the gestational carrier feeling jittery and can make it difficult for her body to absorb iron. If possible, the best option is to abstain from caffeine throughout the pregnancy. Allowing your body to absorb the necessary amount of iron will help support baby's development and contribute to a healthy birth.

Please consult your doctor with any additional questions. 


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