Finding and Sticking to Parenting Resolutions for 2018

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Parents are constantly on the move. We immerse ourselves in routines, for better or worse. Taking care of it all leaves us in a web of survival mode exchanging best practices for habits that are not always in the best interests of our families.

Sometimes we need a time to refresh, and no time is better than the new year.

Limit Time with Technology

Technology has become an indispensable part of our lives. Whether we're checking emails on smartphones or playing games on tablets, we can easily spend too much time with technology.

This New Year, make a resolution to cut back the amount of time each family member uses technology. Limit use to time spent outside the house or only fifteen minutes before dinner. Tech less and engage more with loved ones in 2018.

Capture More or Capture Less

Some parents are committed to capturing every single event in their baby's life, while others rarely consider taking any photos ever. Too much is just that?too much?and too little is not enough.

If you've developed the habit on either end of this spectrum, make a New Year resolution to record special moments and live photo-free in all the rest.

Take Time for Yourself

Parenthood has been likened to constantly running on a treadmill, only we are running for everyone else's needs. Commit to taking time for yourself in the new year.

Whether arranging child care to take a 30-minute walk or to see a movie with a friend, taking time for oneself is one of the greatest ways to become a better parent in the new year.

"Yell Less, Breathe More"

Parenting is no joke. At times stress from work, personal life and a screaming child all culminate into one short temper with the ones we love most. No need to torture yourself with guilt if you find yourself falling into this category. Instead, make a New Year resolution to catch yourself before the final straw breaks your back.

Take a few deep breaths before resorting to yelling. This bad habit is not hard to break, it only takes commitment to try. Sometimes you will succeed and other times you will still yell. However, if you commit to breaking the cycle you will eventually make great progress for the benefit of yourself and your children.

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

After all the work we put into having our children, it is only natural that we want what's best for them. This can lead to over-analysis of their every milestone.

If they're not pulling their heads up within the first months, we think something's wrong; if potty training takes longer than hoped, we think something's wrong. In the New Year make a resolution to take a step back and stop sweating the small stuff. If something is truly amiss your parental instincts will let you know when it is time to speak with the pediatrician. 

Make Family Time a Priority

Parents are constantly on the go for the good of the family, but in the end, nothing will matter more than the quality time we spend with them. This year, make a resolution to spend more time with your family. Insist on it. There is absolutely nothing that will ever matter more.

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