Exploring the World of Surrogacy Law and Ethics: A Lecture by Attorney Victoria T. Ferrara at Quinnipiac University

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Attorney Victoria T. Ferrara, Founder and legal Director of Worldwide Surrogacy Specialists, LLC, a renowned surrogacy lawyer in Connecticut and throughout the United States will be returning to the Frank H. Netter M.D. School of Medicine at Quinnipiac University on Wednesday, December 13, 2023 to provide an in-depth lecture to medical students on surrogacy law and process, the ethics of surrogacy, and family formation as it occurs with assisted reproduction technology including gestational surrogacy, egg donation, and sperm donation.

If you aren't currently enrolled at Quinnipiac but would still like to learn more about surrogacy and other related topics, you can learn more about surrogacy by exploring our resources. Worldwide Surrogacy is the first and most trusted surrogacy agency in Connecticut and manages surrogate journeys for intended parents from all over the world.

Vicki will share her personal and professional experience with Quinnipiac medical students, drawing on her expertise as both an attorney specializing in assisted reproduction law and the owner and operator of a surrogacy matching agency. She handled the most important legal precedent regarding surrogacy in Connecticut, the case of Raftopol v. Ramey, which she argued before the Supreme Court. This case changed the law for surrogacy in Connecticut by ensuring that all intended parents, gay or straight, married or unmarried, and whether or not genetically connected to the baby, will become legal parents of their children by a pre-birth court order. Vicki, who is also a published author, offers a first of its kind book, Gestational Surrogacy: The Definitive Guide. It is a comprehensive resource that will assist intended parents and surrogates navigate every single step of the complex journey to have children through surrogacy. 

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