Essentials to Buy Before Bringing Your Baby Home

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The wait is over? your baby is coming home soon! Here's a list of essential items Intended Parents should stock up on before bringing home their bundle of joy:

Baby's Sleep Space

First things first, you need to prepare your baby's sleep space before bringing them home. Your newborn will require a safe place and time to develop their sleep schedule. Choosing a secure, quality bassinet, co-sleeper, or crib is crucial. Be sure to read up on product reviews and ask other parents or baby department specialists about their recommendations before making a purchase. Finish preparing your newborn's sleep space by washing a few sheets and making sure you don't put anything else in their sleeping area.

Infant Car Seat

Most, if not all, hospitals won't let you leave without an infant car seat properly installed. Fortunately, infant car seats are easy to set up and are an effective way to get your infant in and out of the car.

Onesies Washed and Ready to Go

Despite the appealing appearance of tiny suits and fancy clothes, the best newborn outfit is the easy and efficient onesie. This will quickly become your baby's wardrobe go-to. The best onesies have zippers?which are easier to open and close during the middle of night diaper changes?and hand flaps to cover your little one's nails. (Hand flaps also stay on better than baby mittens, which often slide off during the baby's slumber.)

Fully Stocked Diaper Changing Station

Newborns go through a ton of diapers. Before your baby comes home it will be helpful to identify and stock your diaper changing station. Your diaper changing station should always be supplied with:

  • Diapers
  • Wipes
  • Ointment
  • Toys for distraction
  • Thermometer
  • Aspirator
  • Saline drops, etc.

Diaper Bag Ready to Roll

Certain essentials should always be readily available in your diaper bag whenever you're out and about with your bundle of joy. Your diaper bag should always include:

  • Diapers
  • Wipes
  • Ointment
  • At least one change of clothes
  • A couple of plastic bags for dirty diapers
  • One or two newborn toys
  • Bottles and formula

Baby Food

During the first few weeks home, your baby will primarily sleep and eat. Make sure you have some formula ready in the house; however, don't buy in bulk just yet. It's common for newborns to have sensitivities to certain formulas and you don't want to stock up on a product that your baby won't be able to use.

Burp Cloths

Every parent will need some burp cloths ready to use as soon as their newborn comes home. Burp cloths come in a variety of colors and patterns?pick your preference and wash a few before your precious bundle arrives.

Baby Bath Time

A baby bathtub is the best way to thoroughly clean your newborn. There is also a variety of baby bath products to use during bath time.

Similar to preemptively buying formula, it's wise to not buy bath wash in bulk. Your baby's skin is sensitive and may have a reaction to certain brands.


Babies use more diapers than you could ever imagine, so it's imperative that you have them on hand.

When preparing for your baby's arrival, try not to go overboard with buying newborn diapers. Your infant will grow quickly, sometimes outgrowing newborn diapers sooner than expected. For safe measure, buy enough diapers to get through the first couple of weeks.

Baby Detergent

A new parent might be shocked at how quickly their little innocent nugget will get dirty! Your baby's clothes will need to be washed often. Because your baby's skin is sensitive, it's best to wash their tiny garments in detergent designed specifically for newborns.

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