Compensation in a Surrogacy Agreement


Compensation is a big part in surrogacy agreements, and should be outlined very carefully within the contract. Of course, costs and fees will differ case by case, but there are a few general guidelines to follow when including these terms in your surrogacy agreement. When payments will be made, installment schedules, and terms for reimbursement of lost wages for the gestational carrier are all examples of what can be included.

There are many sources available on the internet for both surrogates and intended parents regarding what types of compensation are reasonable and anticipated during a surrogacy. Surrogates are usually compensated within a range of $20,000 to $30,000. (At Worldwide Surrogacy, we offer base compensation from $45,000 to $60,000 based on Gestational Carrier's insurance, experience, and requests. This figure doesn't include additional compensation.) 

There are exceptions to average base compensation numbers some intended parents agree to pay more because they expect more from the surrogate. On the other hand, there are surrogates who do not require any compensation at all. These surrogates are usually close friends or family members.

In addition to compensation, there often may be other payments that are a part of a gestational agreement such as: 

  • A payment of $1,000, more or less, for undergoing the embryo transfer including successfully completing the pre-transfer protocol
  • Payment in the case of any invasive procedures including amniocentesus, selective reduction, or C-Section
  • In the unfortunate circumstance of a miscarriage or the diagnosis of a severe birth defect, there may be payments for a D & C procedure, or termination of the pregnancy
  • Travel expenses, maternity clothing, childcare, lost wages, insurance premiums, medical co-pays, legal fees, and other miscellaneous expenses

 It is important to note that all parties involved should have a legal counsel. These agreements are serious and they cover a life-changing course of events. In order to stabilize and strengthen the relationships between the surrogate and the intended parents, a clear and unambiguous agreement is a necessity.

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