Come Join Worldwide Surrogacy at Chicago Men Having Babies Conference

Victoria Ferrara


Men Having Babies in cooperation with the Center on Halsted and Howard Brown Health Center will offer our second Midwestern Gay Surrogacy Conference in Chicago on September 20, 2015. Last year more than 120 parents, prospects and professionals participated at the half-day pilot program offered there. This year, there will be an extended format conference, including peer advice on planning the surrogacy-parenting journey and picking providers, as well as expert and personal stories panels.

I will be appearing on the expert panel at the Conference. I'll be speaking on the legal considerations for gestational surrogacy contracts, insurance for surrogacy, legal procedures for establishing legal parentage, and some of the differences from state to state in the U.S. when it comes to surrogacy law and procedure. There will be other legal and medical professionals who will provide a wealth of information for anyone considering surrogacy. Also, there will be exhibit tables with more resources and information. Worldwide is a platinum sponsor of the event and is also a major donor to the Gay Parents Assistance Program (GPAP), which is associated with Men Having Babies.

The issues regarding insurance for surrogacy, one of the topics I'll be talking about, are important and complex. There are various options for medical insurance for surrogacy ranging from utilizing the gestational surrogate's for the pregnancy and birth, or obtaining a policy under the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), to the more expensive plans such as those put forth by The New Life Agency or ARTRISK Solutions.

The most important thing about insurance and surrogacy, whether you're in need of maternity insurance or insurance for your newborn, is to consult with a competent surrogacy lawyer, to follow advice on exploring and learning about options, and to work closely with your professional team to fashion an insurance plan that will be satisfactory. For the most part, answers about insurance will not be clear-cut or black and white but there should be sufficient guidance to make informed decisions.

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